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I read today that the GOP is pretty much set to sue Obama. Now, I don’t want to get into the politics of that here — let’s not get into who did what, who’s right, who’s wrong, or any of that. Read any comments section in any online paper and you see how quickly things devolve to vitriol, mudslinging, name-calling, and personal attacks. Let’s just say this: When one branch of our government is literally SUING the leader of the other party, the system has broken. It isn’t “in trouble,” it isn’t “off balance,” it’s broken.

What happened? We’ve never agreed on everything, but we were never SUPPOSED to agree on everything. That’s why our country was founded as a democracy, where differing opinions are intentionally forced to confront one another. But there’s a second part of that equation that we seem to have completely and totally lost — once those differing opinions are forced to confront one another, we’re supposed to work those differences out like rational adults! And I can’t remember the last time I heard ANY news out of our political system and thought to myself, “well, that was some good, rational, constructive problem-solving!” Can you? Can any of us?

I think we’ve lost our ability to hold a long view of life. We see some political swing and decide the end of the world is here and everything is lost. And this isn’t something only one political persuasion is guilty of. Many on the left talked earnestly about moving to Canada when Bush’s second term came around, and filled the Internet with conspiracy theories galore about the evil covert operations being masterminded daily from the White House. And now many on the right have decided Obama is determined to become America’s first Social Dictator. The point is, we take a SMALL problem, or an isolated moment in time, one inevitable swing of the political pendulum, and declare “everything is lost, this is the end.”

So I say it again: It’s time for Diabetians to take over! What group of people is better equipped to deal with momentary frustration without overreacting? What group of people is better at understanding that any swing in any direction is just a momentary swing, and will inevitably come back to center and probably keep on swinging to the other side. We live with fluctuations, deviations, small losses, and small wins day in and day out!

I just got done with three-and-a-half weeks of being sick, three-and-a-half weeks of high numbers because my body was fighting off a bug. If congress were in charge of my numbers, each side would have blamed the other 15 times by now, no action would have been taken, and there would be a lawsuit. But 20 years of living with this disease has given me an invaluable gift that I wish were more common in the world around me: I don’t respond to every single thing like it’s the final outcome! A high number today doesn’t instantly convince me that everything is lost, high numbers will never go away, and send me into an overly emotional, angry reaction. I’ve learned how to calmly deal with fluctuations.

So, I say it one last time: Let the Diabetians run things for a while! Some of us are on the left, some of us are on the right. We’ll disagree, we’ll fight, but we’ve learned how to keep our perspective! Just give us six months. I mean, we can’t possibly do any worse than the kindergarteners we have posing as leaders now, right?

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