Is That an Igloo in My Backyard?

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Did your team win the Super Bowl? I could have gone either way. I used to live in Seattle, so I could have rooted for the Seahawks. However, I live in Indiana now and current Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning took our Colts to the Super Bowl (where they won) whenever it was. Three years ago? Four? So I went with Peyton. I should have gone with Seattle: My pick always loses. Please don’t tell Peyton it’s all my fault.

It doesn’t matter, because I fell asleep somewhere during the first quarter and, when I awoke, the game was long over.

Right now, we seem to be living in the snow bowl. I woke up to more snow Sunday and today we’re supposed to get up to 8 inches of the white stuff. That’s just the first of three storms that are supposed to show up over the next week. My body must want to hibernate, since all it wants to do is sleep.

Here in Indiana, we have a tradition: As soon as the weather forecaster even thinks “snowflake,” everybody rushes out to the grocery stores and strips the shelves clean. Because of that, even the people who live next door to a grocery store and can just walk over any time have to join the rush. Otherwise, they’d be walking into a warehouse space’s worth of mostly empty shelves, except for a squashed loaf of bread here, a broken egg or two littering the floor, a dented can over here, a smashed box of stale chocolate-flavored, wax-covered doughnuts there.

No milk, no bread, no eggs, no nothin’.

So my husband called and asked me to e-mail him a grocery list. It wasn’t until a couple of hours later that I realized what I’d done. My list was ingredients for comfort foods, more comfort foods, and still more comfort foods.

I’ve been snowed in way too long. So now I need to think of how I can take those comfort food ingredients and make something a bit less carb-laden. Like make baked potatoes instead of potato soup and top the potatoes with leftover vegetarian chili.

Now what will I do with the sloppy Joe stuff and the tuna casserole stuff and that sort of thing?

I should have made more veggie chili, although I did make a double batch. It was supposed to be for a social function, but that got snowed out. Since I had all of the ingredients, I dug everything out, put on some music, then sat and measured and chopped to my heart’s content. Onions and garlic, celery, carrots, tomatoes, bell peppers, bulgur wheat, three kinds of beans, lots of spices… Yum! Plus, with the low-carb veggies and the fiber, I don’t even need to take insulin for a serving. It’s good for my Type 2 husband, too, and he doesn’t even realize it. (Shhhhhh!)

There are salad fixin’s in there, too. Maybe a little bit of tuna casserole and a lot of salad? One open-faced sloppy Joe sandwich and a lot of salad? My picky-eater granddaughter will eat sloppy Joes and tuna casserole. It beats that local Mexican fast-food joint she frequents. The one where she rolls her eyes when I call it “Taco Tacky.”

OK. More snow, huh? It’s sounding like a good time to go to Texas. My bff Nancy lives there now and I haven’t visited her for — oh, golly. Five years now. She lived in Europe for years and years and finally moved back stateside a year and a half ago.

Yep. Texas. It has to be warm in Texas. Doesn’t it?

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