Insulin Pump Cartridge Recall

On January 20, 2014, Tandem Diabetes Care expanded a voluntary recall of insulin cartridges used with its t:slim insulin pump to include additional lot numbers.


The recall was originally initiated on January 10, when Tandem identified certain lots of cartridges that may be at risk for leaking, potentially leading to the delivery of too much or too little insulin and causing unexpectedly low or high blood glucose levels. Since then, the company has identified additional cartridge lots that may be at risk.

The newly announced lot numbers, shipped prior to October 16, 2013, are as follows:

M000857, M000869, M0001344, M0001345, M0001346, M0001347, M0001389, M0001390, M0001391, M0001392, M0001393, M0001414, M0001415, M0001416, M0001417, M0001420, M0001421, M0001422, M0001423, M0001451, M0001452, M0001453, M0001454, M0001455, M0001456, M0001457, M0001458, M0001459, M0001460, M0001528, M0001529, M0001530, and M0001532

The previously announced lot numbers, shipped between December 17, 2013, and January 10, 2014, are as follows:

M001963, M001964, M001973 M001974, M001979, M001980, M001987, M001988, M001990, M001991, M002027, M002028, M002029, M002030, M002082, M002083, M002096, M002097, M002099, M002100, M002119, and M002120

In total, this represents roughly 12,087 boxes, with 10 cartridges per box. Customers who received cartridges from the affected lots are asked to stop using the cartridges right away and call Tandem Technical Support at (877) 801-6901 to receive replacement cartridges at no charge. Customer support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

According to Tandem, neither the t:slim itself nor any other cartridge lots are affected by the recall.

For more information, including instructions on how to locate the cartridge lot number, visit the Tandem Diabetes Care Web site.

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