Impossible to Come Down From the High

A person without diabetes reading that title would probably think I was going through some awesome life experience and filled with happiness and euphoria. Unfortunately for me, I’m referring to a literal blood sugar high that I could not come down from yesterday. I was so frustrated that in the midst of the highs I knew I’d write a blog entry about it, but I couldn’t actually sit down and write it until my frustrations dissipated a bit.


After breakfast my blood sugar was a whopping 294. Definitely high, but I figured, all right — correct, drink some water, no biggie. Almost two hours later I checked again and it was the exact same number, 294. I was a bit unsettled at that point but figured hey, I’m about to hit the gym so there’s no reason to sweat it. (See what I did there?)

An hour later after really sweating up a storm I knew I finally came down! I confidently marched over to my gym bag, whipped out my meter, and checked. Believe it or not I was…294. I was so shocked that I convinced myself for a second that my meter was broken. How on earth was it possible that I not only was still high, but that I was the exact same number three times in a row?! I’m serious. I wasn’t 297 or 299…no. It was 294 three times in a span of 4 or 5 hours.

I committed what I vowed to never again commit…the angry bolus. I started to eventually come down, but ended up needing to change my site despite having done one the previous day. I really hate changing my site before at least two days are up. I feel cheated.

Some things I learned from this though. One, I really need to work on my site rotations. Thankfully I’m not particularly averse to putting sites in one area or another, but I get lazy. I keep using the same two areas over and over completely out of habit. If I don’t consciously remind myself about rotating where I put my sites, I just don’t do it.

And two, I need to get back on my blood sugar monitoring and control game. Ever since finishing my semester I’ve had way less structure in my day to day, so it’s become all too easy to get lazy. It’s not only a problem because it’s affecting my sugars, but it’s also making these blog entries harder to write. I don’t want to sit and talk about being lazy! I want to be able to share my accomplishments and success in terms of control. Alas, I suppose it’s only human nature to fall into a rut every once in a while.

As of the last few days I’ve really made the commitment to reestablishing some structure. I finally got a new sensor, so I’ll be putting that in later today. Can’t wait to see how much information I’ll have now versus just monitoring every few hours. Aside from the diabetes regimen, I applied for a job at Barnes & Noble (I LOVE book stores) and was offered a potential internship, so things are really starting to look up! Having a job and/or internship will force me to legitimately establish a routine and that I know will help me get back on top of things with my sugars!

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  • Carol Long

    thank you so much for sharing this…I have had the same problem, and I wondered why this was happening. I will try changing sites the next time to see if that helps. Thanks! ūüėČ

  • Mary Garison

    Please add me to your list and send me everything and anything on TYPE! juvenile diabetis. My two grandbabies 13 and 8 year old have diabetis. The 8 year old since 18 months and the 13 year old since she was 8. Both sisters from same father and mother. No diabetis hx from either side of the family. HELP!

    We have to check several times a day and during the night, they have a tendancy to drop to 30 and 40 and go up to 300 and above. Parent are very careful and check them and watch them all through the night. NO they are not on a pump,have been schedule for one in Sept. Diet is hard as they are picky eaters. Thanks, A grandmother looking for any and as much help I can get, to learn as much as I can so I can keep them overnight with me like most grandparent keep their grandchildren.

  • John

    The children are so LUCKY to have FAMILY,
    cause Family support is a major part of a
    good diabetes team. Our daughter has been a
    pumper since Oct of 08 She is now soon to be
    13 She was 8yrs old! can’t imagine how people
    handle it with young childern. What I am trying
    to say is Look up a DOCTOR by the Name of Steven
    Ponder He is in Odessa Texas He has a Program
    called House calls He is a Very speical DOCTOR
    he has been diabetic since the age of 9 He
    saved our Machera and tought us how to help
    her in all the right ways

  • George Dawson

    Hello there.Just thought I would share this, I am a type2 for the last5yrs. Iam involved in a study for once a week injection of a new drug to lower blood sugers. So far so good no affects from the medicine. The trail will last for 5yrs. I am somewere into my2nd year.Here is the burn along with the weeekly injection I take 1000mg of metformin twice a day with 100mg ofJanuvia.and 8mg of Glimepiride and my blood sugar is still high. Just tested #217 not good can’t seem to get lower I will not go on insulin.I will give this another 3 weeks and if I see no improvment I will have a sitdown with my Doc!!!