Illinois Lawmakers Propose Cap on Insulin Prices

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Woman draws insulin from vial -- Illinois Lawmakers Propose Cap on Insulin Prices

Lawmakers in Illinois have proposed a limit to out-of-pocket insulin costs for patients in the state, which would cap the price at $100 for a 30-day supply of the medicine. If adopted, the move would make Illinois the second state in the nation to cap the price of insulin, after Colorado adopted a bill limiting prices for the drug in May.

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“Diabetes affects people from all walks of life, but as prices have skyrocketed, more and more insulin users have been forced to find their medication by substituting lower quality products, or seek options out of the country, or even ration their supply — some have died doing so,” noted Governor JB Priztker in a statement on Friday.

The bill, which was originally filed in late May, will be reintroduced during a veto session.

If you’re one of the millions of people using insulin, here are some ways to save without compromising your diabetes treatment.

Diane Fennell

Diane Fennell

Editorial Director of the Wellness Division, Fennell has 16 years’ experience specializing in diabetes and related health conditions. Based in New York City, she has a degree from Columbia University.

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