Going Abroad With Diabetes

If you’ve lived or traveled abroad with diabetes[1], what sort of difficulties have you encountered and how have you overcome them? That’s the question asked in a recent entry by Elizabeth Snouffer on the Web site Diabetes 24-7. Dealing with language barriers, coping with different cultural approaches to the condition, and figuring out the carbohydrate content of unfamiliar foods are just some of the challenges that a person with diabetes may encounter in a new country.

Check out Elizabeth’s entry[2] to learn about one family’s experience living in Hong Kong with a son who has Type 1. Have you had similar experiences while living or traveling with diabetes? Let us know with a comment below! Then be sure to check out the article “Traveling With Diabetes”[3] by international traveler and person with diabetes Carol Hernandez for more information on managing your condition while away from home.


This blog entry was written by Web Editor Diane Fennell.

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