Going Abroad With Diabetes

If you’ve lived or traveled abroad with diabetes, what sort of difficulties have you encountered and how have you overcome them? That’s the question asked in a recent entry by Elizabeth Snouffer on the Web site Diabetes 24-7. Dealing with language barriers, coping with different cultural approaches to the condition, and figuring out the carbohydrate content of unfamiliar foods are just some of the challenges that a person with diabetes may encounter in a new country.


Check out Elizabeth’s entry to learn about one family’s experience living in Hong Kong with a son who has Type 1. Have you had similar experiences while living or traveling with diabetes? Let us know with a comment below! Then be sure to check out the article “Traveling With Diabetes” by international traveler and person with diabetes Carol Hernandez for more information on managing your condition while away from home.

This blog entry was written by Web Editor Diane Fennell.

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  • Victoria

    I moved to Florence, Italy about a year ago, and have T1D. I have a job here, so I am covered under the national insurance system. When it works, it’s brilliant – I get my Animas pump supplies in four month increments, and they include a replacement battery cap and lithium batteries! But, when something goes wrong, the administrative crap is ridiculous!! I have been to the health administration building five times in the past six months, and I have to go again tomorrow. I have to get insulin prescriptions from my GP, and she won’t write ongoing ones, which means I have to back to her each month. At least now I’m getting better at Italian, so that’s helpful.

    I love living here, but it would definitely be easier if I wasn’t diabetic . . . . but that’s life!

  • henry

    I was travelling with Emirates and returning after two years from South Africa,being Diabetic 1 i was using a set of medicines available in SA,once i Reached India Emirates luggage did not arrive for 5 days and when i asked local medicine shops , they did not have the same available name medicines & once i went to a new DR , he prescribed me Insulin,which i had never taken before and still now i am living on insulin as Dr prescribes.