Free Tool for Comparing Drug Prices

If you have diabetes, drug costs likely represent a sizeable portion of your health-care budget. But LowestMed, a new, free cost-comparison app, can help you reduce your expenditures by finding the lowest price on medicines in your area.


When a person enters the name of a medicine into the app, it provides a list of discounted prices on the medicine — including both brand-name and generic versions of the drug — at nearby drugstores. Once the pharmacy with the lowest price on the medicine has been identified, the app will provide a map with driving directions to the store.

“Most consumers don’t realize that prices can vary widely by pharmacy, and that up until this point the only way to do price comparisons on a local level was to go to each pharmacy and submit an insurance claim,” notes manufacturer CEO Brad Bangerter. “With the LowestMed app, for the first time consumers are empowered with the full transparency to identify the least expensive drug prices in their area.”

The app also includes access to the free LowestMed discount card, which can be presented at the point of purchase for price reductions on medicines.

For more information on LowestMed, click here. And to download the app, visit using an Apple or Android device, or search the Apple App Store or Android Marketplace.

This blog entry was written by Web Editor Diane Fennell.

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  • A.O

    I found the app to be elementary.. Not enough detailed information. For some drugs you have to go to their website 4 a more detailed list, where is convenience in that?

  • M.S.

    Their website doesn’t even have a list of what devices will support the software; why should I download it without knowing if it will work?

  • J D

    A very helpful application to cut on costs in this economy. It’s free and it helps me save… what else can you ask for?

  • dd

    The app is on the Iphone add store, android market place and amazon market place. I happen to have one of each of these devices. Their mobile app works on all of my devices. If you have a iphone, I think they required IOS version 5 or higher. I have used the app, and love it. I read the reviews on the app stores, and from I see there, this app is saving people cash.

  • dd

    sorry, I meant Iphone App store ūüôā

  • dd

    The have links to the different app stores right on the home page.

  • CT

    While it isn’t going to solve everyone’s problems, it can definitely help the vast majority of people who need to save money. Medications is not a place I need to sink more money they I have to. This app finally lets us see where we can save money without having to go to each pharmacy individually… I call that convenient!

  • Dr. B

    Doesn’t include smaller local pharmacies. I registered hoping I could help my patients find the cheapest place for certain drugs without calling the pharmacies as we currently do, but it leaves off all of the smaller “Mom ‘n’ Pop” pharmacies that I know from experience have better cash prices on most drugs.