First All-Diabetes Pro Cycling Team Announced


Insulin manufacturer Novo Nordisk has announced the establishment of Team Novo Nordisk, a global sports team that will include over 100 cyclists, triathletes, and runners, all with diabetes. The partnership will be spearheaded by the first-ever professional cycling team comprised solely of members with diabetes.

The team’s goal is to “educate, empower, and inspire everyone affected by diabetes.” The men’s professional cycling team will compete in renowned races such as the USA Pro Cycling Challenge, the Tour of Britain, and the Paris-Tours, with the ultimate goal of eventually competing in the Tour de France. Several members of the former Team Type 1 cycling team, which included competitors both with and without diabetes, are on the roster[1] for Team Novo Nordisk, including Fabio Calabria, Joe Eldridge[2], Javier Megias, and Martijn Verschoor.

According to Phil Southerland, who cofounded Team Type 1 with Joe Eldridge, “As Team Novo Nordisk, we want to show the world what is possible with great diabetes control. Between us, Team Novo Nordisk has over 1,000 diagnosed years of diabetes with no complications[3], and we stand for what life with diabetes can be like. Exercise is that billion-dollar drug that nobody ever gets prescribed, and in my experience is the best of them all. With appropriate diet, exercise, treatment and technology, anyone with diabetes can achieve their dreams.”

To learn more about the team, and to follow their progress as they compete in the coming year, stay tuned to[4] and[5].

This blog entry was written by Web Editor Diane Fennell.

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