Do You Feel Sexy?

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Are you attractive, even with diabetes? I admit to not feeling that attractive in my wheelchair sometimes, but maybe that’s just a lack of self-esteem. Diabetes or no, do you think you look good? Do you feel sexy?

Being sick is not sexy; being old is not sexy. But a lot of people with diabetes and other conditions seem pretty attractive to me. So do some people over 80, like this 86-year-old gymnast.

You’re not too old to be sexy until you decide to be. My Mom is 90 and still attracts guys whenever she goes to the senior center.

Disabled people can be sexy, too. A lot depends on your attitude. First of all, is it even a good thing to be sexy and be seen as attractive?

Is sexiness good for you? I would argue that feeling sexy is both a sign of health and a promoter of health. If you feel confident about your body and secure in yourself, you will be seen as sexy. And you will probably be healthier, because confidence reduces stress, which is good for you.

If you feel sexy, you may draw other people to you. Maybe that can be a drag at times, but it might also bring you more support and more positive experiences.

Sure, some people drop sexiness and the whole physical attraction part of life. A lot of them seem to do fine, if they find something else to replace it. But if it hurts you to be on the sidelines of romance, what can you do about it?

Feeling sexy with diabetes
On the social networking site TuDiabetes, JeffD posted about doubting his ability to attract women as a man with diabetes. The replies mostly centered on being honest about diabetes. Don’t be ashamed; don’t hide.

Others recommend hormone treatments to boost energy. Many people with diabetes are low in testosterone. In both men and women, low levels of testosterone often cause low levels of desire. So they recommend treating those problems.

That’s all good advice. But I think the real question is feeling attractive to ourselves. This may not be as easy as it sounds. If you think you’re damaged, especially sexually, how attractive can you feel? When your life seems to revolve around carb counting and sugar monitoring and injections, how sexy can that be?

One woman on TuDiabetes had a beautiful answer. She commented: “I think the trick to feeling attractive with diabetes is to embrace all the marks that it gives you psychologically and physically.”

I love that. She is saying you have to accept yourself as you are, to give yourself love and compassion. Then you will be attractive to others. In fact, her advice could probably help a lot of other people who don’t have diabetes. We’re all dealing with something.

But what about you? Do you feel attractive, sexy, hot? How does diabetes affect your sense of yourself? What would make you feel more attractive, and would you like that?

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