Product Review: Diabetic SPIbelt

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Diabetic SPIbelt

Being physically active has so many benefits — it can help you manage stress, manage your weight and even manage your diabetes. But what do with your insulin pump, continuous glucose monitor or meter when you’re exercising? Sure, you can tuck them into a pocket, but that’s not always secure or practical, especially if you’re out for your daily walk or running a marathon. Here’s a solution: SPIbelt Diabetic Belt.

SPI (which stands for “small personal item”) makes belts that are adjustable, bounce-proof and basically, perfect for all of your outdoor activities, including hiking, walking, running and biking. The diabetic belt is perfect for carrying your pump or CGM. And if you’re not a pump or CGM user, you’ll still find this belt to be useful for carrying your insulin, meter and strips, hypoglycemia (low blood glucose) treatment, keys or cash. The pocket on this belt expands to 6.5 x 3 x 2 inches, and fits waist sizes ranging from 25 to 47 inches. The pass-through hole is located behind the pocket to easily accommodate pump tubing or a headphone/ear buds cord. The SPIbelt Diabetic Belt is durable and chafe-proof, and will stay put no matter how active you are. Choose from five different colors. So go out and enjoy the great outdoors — SPIbelt has you covered!

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