Diabetes Self-Management Recognized as “Best Diabetes Blog”

Badge courtesy of Healthline.com[1].

Each year, the staff of health and wellness website Healthline scours the web looking for “the most up-to-date, informative, and inspiring blogs that aim to uplift their readers through education and personal stories” to be named as the Best Diabetes Blogs of 2017[2]. This year, once again, we are pleased to report that the Diabetes Self-Management blog has been included on the list!

Diabetes Self-Management’s “companion blog rounds up tips and info from both health-care professionals and people living with diabetes. Posts range from hard-hitting news to tips and information you can use,” notes Healthline. The blog is updated at least seven times a week with advice from diabetes experts, news roundups from editorial staff, and chronicles of day-to-day experiences from people living with diabetes.


We are honored to have received this recognition and hope that you will join the diabetes conversation by bookmarking the Diabetes Self-Management blog [3] and adding your voice to the comments.

This blog entry was written by Senior Digital Editor Diane Fennell.

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