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Exciting news — the Diabetes Self-Management community can now be found on Google+! If you’d like to have the latest information in the world of diabetes just a mouse click away, log into your Google account, follow this link, and add us to your circles!


This blog entry was written by Web Editor Diane Fennell.

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  • Dolores day

    First of all, I am not sure what it is to blog, but if I can get any information to help my grandson, I am going to “blog”. My grandson is soon to be 13 yrs. old. He was diagnosed with type I diabetes at 15 months old. Needless to say, we’ re not new to this disease. However, I feel that we have not progressed much in all these years. My grandson has. Blood sugar numbers in the 400 several times a week. He can be 400 then 68. The doctor keeps telling his mother that he is doing okay. I don’t think so! I worry about the repercussion. I hear others who think if they are 160, that they are to high. His a1c is around 7.8 to 8’s. I think we need a new approach, but I don’t know who to see. Our doctor is in Columbus, Ohio. He Is supposed to be one of the best??? Can anyone suggest what we can do, or who we can see. Oh, yes, he is on the pump.

  • calgarydiabetic

    Dolores get a book called :” Diabetes solutions: by Doctor R. Bernstein and give it a read see if that helps. Dr. Bernstein has had diabetes for 64 years and has his blood sugars around 83 with very little deviation.

  • Dolores day

    Thank you for the response, consider the book by Dr. Berstein read. Many thanks