Diabetes Self-Management Launches Redesigned Web Site!

By Tara Dairman | September 21, 2007 1:48 pm

The Diabetes Self-Management Web team is excited to announce that its Web site, www.DiabetesSelfManagement.com, will be relaunched on Monday, September 24, with a fresh new design that adds some great new features.

DiabetesSelfManagement.com was recently named one of the Top 10 Diabetes Web sites by HealthCentral.com[1], and its new design will make it even easier for visitors to find the information they need. New features on the home page will include a diabetes-themed “Definition of the Day,” a menu of diabetes-friendly recipes that changes weekly, links to articles on the five most popular diabetes topics, and detailed information about the latest issue of Diabetes Self-Management magazine.


The redesigned site will continue to feature The Diabetes Self-Management Blog[2]—an interactive feature updated every weekday where readers can get the latest diabetes news as well as tips and insights from health-care professionals and people with diabetes. Readers can also share their thoughts and questions by leaving comments on individual blog entries. The Diabetes Self-Management Blog is the winner of the 2007 Diabetes O.C. Blog Awards for “Best Blog” and “Best Diabetes News Blog.” Its bloggers are Amy Campbell, a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator[3]; David Spero, a registered nurse and health coach; Jan Chait, a writer and Type 2 diabetes patient-expert; Eric Lagergren, a writer newly diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes; and Tara Dairman, the Diabetes Self-Management Web Editor.

At the new DiabetesSelfManagement.com, users will also be able to access hundreds of healthy recipes; read articles about every facet of living with diabetes; sign up for Diabetes Self-Management E-News, a free weekly e-mail newsletter full of tips for managing diabetes; request a free issue of Diabetes Self-Management magazine; and manage their magazine subscription online.

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