Diabetes Self-Management Book Giveaway!

We’re raffling off a free copy of our very popular Best-Ever Tips book, which features 1,001 useful tips from 70 top doctors, researchers, and diabetes experts, as well as over 100 of the most popular Diabetes Self-Management articles from the past decade.


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Learn more about the health and medical experts who who provide you with the cutting-edge resources, tools, news, and more on Diabetes Self-Management.
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  • Deb

    I’d love to have a free copy, but I don’t use Facebook.

  • Annie

    I don’t use Facebook either – I find it intimidating and the purveyor of more junk mail than I could ever imagine. I, too, would like a free copy, so it there any other way to enter?

  • Karen


  • ditas fallis

    If I don’t win where can I buy the book? My siblings (5)and I can use it. We’re all diabetics.

  • Diane Fennell

    Hi ditas fallis,

    Thanks for your interest in our book! If you do not win the free copy, you can purchase Best-Ever Tips by calling (800) 664-9269.

    Diane Fennell
    Web Editor

  • Diane Fennell

    Hi Deb, Annie, and Karen,

    Thank you for your interest in our book. Unfortunately, this contest is only open to those with Facebook accounts, but we will keep your comments in mind for future contests.

    Diane Fennell
    Web Editor

  • Kim Jackson

    I love your magazine and I do have facebook, I also will follow your site on facebook.

  • Kim Jackson

    P.S. I would love a copy of your book, I didn’t mention this in my other post.

  • Helen Doh

    Send me free book. Tnahk you

  • Sharon Johnson

    I love the information I have received in my monthly magazines of “Diabetes Self-Management”. I have received absolute and correct information and even shared it with my doctor. Thank you to the “Diabetes Self-Management” team. Your work in making this magazine a success is greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work.

  • Teresa

    Please consider alternate means of contest entry in the future. Not everyone is on Facebook, or cares to be.

  • Vic

    I’d love to have a copy to have a copy cause I’m trying new things to control my blood sugar

  • James Carpenter

    I too do not use facebook and would like a chance to win a free copy. Thank you.

  • Mary

    I, too, have chosen NOT to sign up for Face book.
    I have too much mail as it is. Is there any other way I can enter the contest for the book?

  • judy

    I Don’t use facebook either, and don’t plan to join. Please consider those of us who have chosen not to waste our time at that site and let us enter some other way.
    Thank you.


  • PAT

    don’t have a face book account. Do want one…

  • Wayne

    Would like a book but don’t use FaceBook. Is it available to purchase on the web?

  • audrey

    I am already a facebook user. How do i sign up to win the book.

  • Frances Cobbler

    Please enter me in your contest “Diabetes Self-Management Book Giveaway.”

    Thank you,

    Ms. Frances Cobbler

  • Becky

    I’d also love to have a free copy, is there another way to enter if we done use facebook?

  • Diane

    I consider it unfair to exclude people who do not choose to utilize facebook.

  • michelle floyd

    I thought I had registered but couldn’t find my name. Sorry if this is a duplicate. I liked you on FB and shared it with all my FB friends. I would love to win the book. Thanks so much.

  • Dixie Collina

    I would love a copy. I want to know everything to help with diabetes.

  • reni g

    Dont have a facebook account would love the book

  • anoop


  • theresa n

    I like you on FB.

  • Barbara

    Yes, I would like to get this book, I am a diabetic,and I can’t control my sugar. I’ve had diabetis for over 40 yearsand it’s been though.

  • Karleen

    Yes, I would like to gethis book. I can’t control my sugar

  • Scott

    I’d love a book also, but facebook is too out of control now. I am also flooded with email because of “like”s. facebook is headed toward all consuming social network domination it appears. I guess I’ll look for a book elsewhere if it’s not too expensive. Congrats to the winner.