Diabetes Promotions for World Diabetes Day

Today is World Diabetes Day, and in honor of the occasion, we’d like to tell you about several diabetes-related promotions that are currently happening.


Free Diabetes Testing
Rite Aid pharmacy has partnered with LifeScan (makers of OneTouch brand products) for the “Rite Track Diabetes Tour” to bring free diabetes testing and information to communities along the East Coast. Throughout the end of the year, the Rite Track bus will be making stops in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Massachusetts, and Washington, DC, to provide free A1C screenings, blood glucose checks, and personal consultations with Rite Aid pharmacists who specialize in diabetes care. The bus will stop in every location from 11 AM to 3 PM. To find out when it will be near you, visit the Rite Track Diabetes Tour Web site.

Free Memory Screenings
To raise awareness about Alzheimer disease, the organization Senior Helpers will be offering free, confidential memory screenings at 300 locations around the United States on Tuesday, November 15 — National Memory Screening Day. These 5–10 minute exercises evaluate a person’s cognitive ability and memory, helping to identify those who would benefit from a more extensive follow-up exam. (The screenings do not diagnose Alzheimer disease.) To find the nearest Senior Helpers location, call (800) 760-6389.

Free Eye Exams
EyeCare America, a public service program of the Foundation of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, is providing free eye exams in the United States and Puerto Rico to people who are US citizens or legal residents 65 years of age or older who do not belong to an HMO or receive eye care benefits through the Veterans Administration and who have not seen an ophthalmologist for at least three years. For more information on how to receive a free eye care exam, visit eyecareamerica.org.

Discounts on Medicine and Health-Care Products
In observance of National Diabetes Month, MyRxCoupons is donating one dollar to the American Diabetes Association for every person who registers with the site during the month of November. MyRxCoupons provides coupons and discounts on prescription medicines and over-the-counter health-care products, along with co-pay assistance offers and free trial offers. To learn more, visit MyRxCoupons.com.

This blog entry was written by Web Editor Diane Fennell.

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  • Alexa Knight

    In looking for information regarding ‘something x ‘ to do with diabetes etc,I find myself deluged by a flood of information ( yes, deluged and flood are from the same descriptive word basket…and add swamped and drowning.. etc, et al ) about all things diabetically related !! Then I realised the significance of the day. I have been recently led, kicking and screaming, to a pre-diabetes meeting consisting of three medical – related personel,myself and one other girl ..she’s younger than me .. and that was it!! I managed to resist it reasonably well, until a change of my usual increasing medication list included something for High Blood Pressure.I didn’t react well physically to these pills and gradually words like fluid retention joined up in my brain with other catch words, till I found myself on the above internet site, realising that symptoms I had been describing for some years were being glossed over by those who’s job it was to pick up the signals. The end result of this enormous ‘note’ is to encourage others to join with me to help anyone we are in contact with, who complains of various aches and pains, to honestly and bravely seek info. in as many places as it takes to receive their answers….so that they can DO SOMETHING YEARS BEFORE IT’S ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE, to arrest the flow of symptoms. I wield words as weapons when wounded.I hope you print this in toto, because sometimes there are almost not enough words at work. Love ,Harmony and Light, Alexa.