Dexcom May Partner With Apple Watch

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Dexcom Apple Watch

Continuous glucose monitoring company Dexcom may partner with Apple Watch, according to a recent CNBC interview with CEO Kevin Sayer.

The company is planning to launch a variety of updates for its G6 system over the next year, including a direct-to-Apple Watch version, which would allow users to track their glucose levels directly on the device.

Dexcom is also developing new versions of the G6 while simultaneously working on the G7 system as a joint venture with Verily, a life sciences subsidiary of Alphabet (Google’s parent company).

“These tools will make patients’ care of their diabetes much easier in the future and deliver great outcomes,” says Sayer of the various technologies the company has under development. “Our vision in diabetes really can come to fruition.”

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(Image courtesy of Dexcom.)

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