Children With Diabetes “Friends for Life” 2016 Orlando Conference


If a child in your family is living with Type 1 diabetes[1], then you may be interested in the upcoming Children With Diabetes “Friends for Life” conference, taking place July 5–10, 2016, in Orlando, Florida.

The event, which will be located at the Orland World Center Marriott, will include top experts in the diabetes field, children who have diabetes, and their families, all coming together to “make new and lifelong friendships.” There will be discussion groups, health screenings, scheduled presentations, a banquet and dance, and various other social and informational events.

Registration for the conference is $150 until June 30 and $175 onsite after June 24 for everyone age 6 and over at the time of the conference. (Children five and under are $50.) The registration fee covers conference attendance, shared meals, social events, and one conference t-shirt.

Rooms at the Orlando World Center Marriott are available for $169 plus tax from three days prior to three days after the conference and can be reserved now using the online reservation system[2].

To read about one young person’s experience at a recent Friends for Life Conference, see this series[3] of blog entries[4] by Maryam Elarbi.

Register for the Orlando “Friends for Life” conference here[5], or learn more about this year’s event on the Children With Diabetes website[6]. And for more information, e-mail Laura Billetdeaux at [email protected][7].

This blog entry was written by Senior Digital Editor Diane Fennell.

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