Bluetooth-Connected Insulin Inhaler to Integrate With One Drop

The trend toward greater connectivity in diabetes devices shows no sign of stopping anytime soon, with new partnerships between different manufacturers announced faster than most people can keep up with them. One of the latest partnerships that will bridge two different platforms is between MannKind, the company behind Afrezza inhaled insulin[1], and One Drop[2], best known for its glucose meters and digital tools.

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MannKind recently announced[4] that it will partner with One Drop to make its BluHale accessory device — which detects inhaled insulin doses and transmits them to your phone — compatible with the One Drop platform. This partnership will allow people who take Afrezza and use One Drop meters or management tools to view and keep track of their doses, automatically, within the One Drop system.

The BluHale device already represents a technological advantage to Afrezza users, since automatic detection and recording of insulin doses isn’t available to most people, except for those who use insulin pumps. More companies may jump on this bandwagon, providing dose-detection devices for other insulin delivery systems.

By connecting to One Drop, Afrezza users will be able to take advantage of the platform’s AI-enabled glucose forecasts and one-on-one connections to certified diabetes educators[5], among other features.

“Earlier this year, One Drop announced clinical data that demonstrated using Afrezza with One Drop provided a significant improvement in A1C levels[6],” says MannKind CEO Michael Castagna, explaining the partnership. “We believe the future of diabetes management will increasingly depend on data collected on a smartphone that provides real-time decision support insights.”

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