Birthdays, Vistors, and a Solid Meal

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This week is the most important week of the year. Why is that, you ask? Well, it’s my wife’s birthday this Sunday. Not good enough? How about that it’s my niece Sara Reeves’s birthday on Monday. Still not good enough? It’s my brother Reeves’s birthday on Wednesday. I’ve already given them their gifts, except for my little brother. I’ll be sure to take him an extra NovoLog FlexPen the next time I travel to Alabama (he also has diabetes).

I got Sara Reeves some CDs by Dan Zanes and friends. A few of my friends in NYC have been on tour with him for a while and he has released some really good CDs for kids, far more tolerable than Wee Sing or The Wiggles. Check him out here.

Now, for my wife Katherine. We are going to see Lucinda Williams this Friday night at Radio City Music Hall, and I also got her a new instrument. She plays the ukulele and a little mandolin, so I wanted to get her something that wouldn’t take a whole lot of practice. After a few weeks of research, I decided on an autoharp. While it is a beautiful instrument in both sound and appearance, part of my decision hinged on the possibility of one day recreating this photo with my wife.

So I’ve got a little redneck in me, what can I say. If you don’t like that picture, there is a good chance we can never be friends.

Earlier in the week, Katherine’s sister Helen came up from DC for a visit. She’s on spring break from seminary school. We cooked dinner at home the first night and went out to eat the second. We ended up in the casual side (Enoteca) of Mario Batali’s restaurant Del Posto, which still felt a bit formal. The restaurant is gigantic, almost as big as the wine list.

We were a bit overwhelmed trying to decide on a bottle of wine, and thankfully the sommelier was very helpful and helped us pick a reasonable bottle of red for our meal. The food was wonderful, and while I didn’t order the most low-carb meal—I had the gnocchi with Bolognese sauce and the cod with salsa verde—the portions were perfectly sized. I took two units of insulin for the gnocchi, and my blood glucose was at 130 mg/dl when I got home an hour and a half later.

It’s always nice to eat a good meal and not feel completely stuffed and unable to move after it. This is especially important in NYC, as shortly after the meal we were in a cab on the way home. Like most NYC cab drivers, our driver loved the gas and the brakes, stomping on them both throughout the drive to show his adoration. However, he was not as big of a fan of the steering wheel, as he jerked it around a few times like Bo or Luke Duke.

If you’re in NYC tonight, I’m performing at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre at 9:30 PM as part of my friend Sara Schaefer’s show, Video GaGa. We will show a video and perform a few songs. Click here for more information.

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