Bionic Pancreas Trials Currently Recruiting

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You may have seen our recent coverage of a “bionic pancreas” that successfully managed blood glucose levels over the course of two five-day trials in adults and adolescents with Type 1 diabetes. If you have a child with the condition, you may be interested to know that the researchers are currently recruiting children attending Camp Joslin or Camp Clara Barton to participate in further trials of the device this summer.

The investigators are seeking children who are ages 6–11 who have had Type 1 for at least one year and have been using an insulin pump for at least three months. Girls must be registered in the Clara Barton Camp from July 19 through August 1, and boys must be registered in Camp Joslin from August 2 thorugh August 15.

Interested parties can speak with study coordinators either on the phone or in person at the Diabetes Research Center in Boston to answer questions about their child’s medical history. If an A1C test has not been done within the last three months, a blood draw will be performed at the screening visit.

Children who are eligible will spend two consecutive weeks at camp, participating in five days of automatic glucose control using the bionic pancreas and another five days of usual camp diabetes care while wearing a continuous glucose monitor. During their stay, they will participate in normal camp activities under the supervision of camp and study staff.

Those who complete the screening visit will be paid $50, and those who complete the study will be paid $1,000. Participants will be responsible for camp tuition (roughly $2,470).

To learn more, contact Clinical Research Coordinator Mallory Hillard by phone at (617) 643-2019 or by e-mail at

This blog entry was written by Web Editor Diane Fennell.

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