BD Blood Glucose Meter Discontinued

The medical technology company BD announced yesterday that it has decided to exit the blood glucose monitoring market and will stop distribution of its BD Logic Blood Glucose Monitor immediately.


The company will, however, continue to supply BD test strips for the Logic meter through December 2007 to give people adequate time to find a replacement meter. Ongoing customer support for the meter and test strips will be provided during this period as well, and it is safe to continue using these products until you have found a new meter. In fact, BD encourages people to use up any BD test strips they have before switching to a new meter to minimize their out-of-pocket costs.

The diabetes technology company Medtronic MiniMed currently markets the Paradigm Link Blood Glucose Monitor, which is powered by BD Logic technology and communicates wirelessly with the Paradigm insulin pump. A spokesperson for Medtronic has stated that the company will continue to provide Paradigm Link Blood Glucose Monitors, related test strips and supplies, and customer service for these products to all customers. New customers will also received Paradigm Link Blood Glucose Monitors with their Paradigm insulin pumps for the foreseeable future.

BD has set up a toll-free customer care line to answer questions about its exit from the blood glucose monitoring market at (866) 556-8123. Paradigm Link Blood Glucose Monitor users can continue to contact BD customer service toll-free at (888) BDCARES (232-2737). The Medtronic MiniMed helpline can be reached toll-free at (800) MINIMED (646-4633).

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  • littlejeep

    Pretty pitiful that neither BD, Sanvita, or Minimed will offer the free cable that may cost them $5, to upload your insulin pump info. I have called all 3 companies, to no avail. I pay $5000 + for a new insulin pump, and they can’t give me a cable that costs about $5 to make! Rather disappointed in BD etc.

  • Angela

    You can still get a cable for about $30 at
    Copy and paste the link. Print the form and
    mail it as instructed

  • Portia Jones

    I did not know that BD stopped making the BD logic meter. My husband’s meter stopped working
    and I found the compay number on lancet box . I
    called company left message and a representative from the company called me back.She was so kind
    and after giving her the information on the meter and other information, she is sending him a replacement meter.

    Thank You So Much,

    Portia Jones

  • Portia Jones

    I did not know BD stopped making the BD Logic
    meter. My husband’s meter stopped working.
    I called the company and they were so kind,
    and helpful.



  • Noreen

    I love the BD meter because it’s quick, takes so little blood and is one of the best I’ve used. I’ve had diabetes since 1963 and have used many over the years. This was “the best” model.

    I still have mine and it works great, now have to purchase Nova Max Strips to use it.

  • Frank Rizzo

    The BD Logic is the best and most accurate
    monitor. I have used it for years and still do,
    it works great with Nova Max strips. I love it..