Bariatric Bother?

Last week[1], we interviewed a bariatric surgeon about the risks and benefits of gastric bypass[2] and gastric banding[3] surgeries for people with Type 2 diabetes. Since then, a risk not mentioned in the interview has emerged in the news.

A study[4] published in the June issue of The Journal of Urology concludes that people who undergo a popular form of gastric bypass surgery are 71% more likely to get kidney stones[5] than similar individuals who have not had the surgery. The study was conducted using a health insurance database; no new clinical trial took place.

According to an article in The New York Times[6], the authors of the study insist that its results should not be used to argue against the surgery, only to help ensure that patients are monitored properly after having the operation. The benefits of gastric bypass, they say, greatly outweigh the potential discomfort of kidney stones. (The article also has tips on food choices for preventing kidney stones.)

Does this study make you less likely to consider having bariatric surgery? If you have had bariatric surgery, did you develop kidney stones? Do you agree that this should not be a major factor in deciding whether to have the surgery? Leave a comment below!

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