Avocados as Carb Substitute Suppress Hunger

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Avocados Carb Substitute Suppress Hunger, Increase Meal Satisfaction

Including fresh avocados as a substitute for refined carbohydrate in a meal can suppress hunger and increase meal satisfaction in overweight and obese adults, according to a new study from the Center for Nutrition Research at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Published in the journal Nutrients, the study evaluated the effects of including fresh whole and half Hass avocados on hunger, fullness and meal satisfaction in 31 overweight and obese adults over six hours. In addition to reducing hunger and increasing satisfaction, replacing some of the carbohydrate in the control meal with avocado was found to reduce insulin and blood glucose swings.

“For years, fats have been targeted as the main cause of obesity, and now carbohydrates have come under scrutiny for their role in appetite regulation and weight control,” noted Britt Burton-Freeman, PhD, director of the Center for Nutrition Research at Illinois Tech. “There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to optimal meal composition for managing appetite. However, understanding the relationship between food chemistry and its physiological effects in different populations can reveal opportunities for addressing appetite control and reducing rates of obesity, putting us a step closer to personalized dietary recommendations.”

Interested in adding some avocado to your diet? Try our tasty Avocado Smash recipe.

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