Article of the Week: Eight Tips for Managing Diabetes Distress

Some people call it “diabetes burnout,” others call it “diabetes distress.” Whatever you call it, you’ve probably felt overwhelmed, frustrated, or anxious about diabetes-related tasks at some point. This article from the magazine archives, written by a clinical psychologist and professor, offers eight pieces of advice on how to deal actively with feelings of distress and depression that can be brought on by diabetes and the challenge of managing it.


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  • Maria E. Bon

    To the distress of the ailment you add ignorant and pompous MDs who have no clue of what patients are going through and you end up with a very complicated and difficult situation mostly adverse to the patient.
    When is DIABETES going to be acknowledged as a genetically inherited disease which is further complicated by the erroneous USDA Healthy Food Pyramid (recently early 2013 acknowledged as faulty: causing the epidemic of DIABETES in the country)? When is industry going to stop labeling diabetics as lazy and ignorant persons who should be treated with contempt and arrogance? And when are MDs going to take information like this article into consideration and not label patients as “bipolar” for expressing frustration with current and unsuccessful treatments? Education on the subject to MDs needs to be more current and inclusive of successful programs, MDs need to be proactive and not rest in their outdated laurels, with their GOD-MD attitudes they cause more harm than good.