Approaching 40

Today is my 39th birthday, and it’s been a really wonderful day. I’ve heard from friends and family near and far by phone, e-mail, mail, and Facebook. My husband and I both took the day off and went for a long walk in our favorite park and ate lunch outside at a romantic inn. It’s been the kind of day that my usual work and parenting routine doesn’t allow for that often, and it has reminded me of the importance of making time and space for these kind of days, even when it’s not a birthday.

A lot of my friends who are also turning 39 this year have been talking about approaching the big 4–0 and what it means to them. Turning 39 today, I feel myself thinking about next year and imagining what turning 40 will be like.


Mostly, I am grateful to reach birthdays complication[1]-free and to be managing my diabetes pretty well. I go through my shares of ups and downs, and I am definitely working to gain even more optimal daily blood glucose control. Turning 39 today, I’ve decided to make five “resolutions” to help me reach 40 feeling great and in even better health than I am today:

Whatever age you are — whatever stage you are in managing your diabetes — tell me about your resolutions for well-being.

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