Apple Store Now Selling One Drop Blood Glucose Meter

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Apple Store Now Selling OneDrop Blood Glucose Meter

Apple has started selling the One Drop | Chrome wireless blood glucose meters in certain U.S. stores, according to One Drop.

A purchase of the system, which connects to the iPhone, also includes a year of unlimited diabetes coaching via the One Drop mobile app. The coaching program is recognized by the American Diabetes Association and connects participants with a certified diabetes educator.

The kit costs $69.95 and includes a blood glucose meter and an app for the iPhone and Apple Watch that gathers data and links it to Apple’s Health app.

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“The health-care industry is deeply invested in resisting progress, but consumerized, data-driven, digital health is becoming a reality,” said Jeff Dachis, the Founder and CEO of One Drop. “Diabetes affects more than 30 million Americans today, many of whom face a tremendous amount of stigma and lack of adequate support from an over-burdened system. One Drop is shifting value towards the consumer, while remaining relentlessly focused on improving outcomes and quality of life.”

Apple is reportedly also working with continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) company Dexcom on a direct-to-Apple Watch version of the Dexcom G6.

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(Image courtesy of One Drop.)

Diane Fennell

Diane Fennell

Senior Digital Editor for, Fennell has 16 years’ experience specializing in diabetes and related health conditions. Based in New York City, she has a degree from Columbia University.

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