An Introduction to Joe Eldridge

Editor’s Note: Looking for the motivation to start a physical fitness routine? Then you’ll want to meet our newest blogger, Joe Eldridge. A professional cyclist with Type 1 diabetes, Joe is aiming to compete in the Tour de France (yes, the Tour de France!). Over the course of nine weeks, he will be describing how he manages his diabetes while competing in bike races the world over. Learn more about Joe and his quest to compete in the Tour by checking out the video below. And make sure to check back in on Friday, February 25, to read Joe’s first entry describing how he handles the challenges of the off-season. This is one series you won’t want to miss!


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Joe Eldridge: Joe Eldridge is a professional cyclist and has had Type 1 diabetes for 18 years. Diagnosed when he was 10 years old, Joe has never let diabetes prevent him from achieving his athletic goals. While attending Auburn University, he joined the Auburn cycling team to help manage his diabetes. He met Phil Southerland at a collegiate race; together, they laid the groundwork for Team Type 1. Joe now travels the world competing as a professional cyclist, all the while managing his diabetes and fulfilling Team Type 1’s mission of motivating and inspiring individuals affected by diabetes. (Joe Eldridge is not a medical professional.)

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