An Introduction

Editor’s Note: Looking for the motivation to start a physical fitness routine? Then you’ll want to meet our newest blogger, Joe Eldridge. A professional cyclist with Type 1 diabetes, Joe is aiming to compete in the Tour de France (yes, the Tour de France!). Over the course of nine weeks, he will be describing how he manages his diabetes while competing in bike races the world over. Learn more about Joe and his quest to compete in the Tour by checking out the video below. And make sure to check back in on Friday, February 25, to read Joe’s first entry describing how he handles the challenges of the off-season. This is one series you won’t want to miss!


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  • Robert

    Hello Joe!
    An inspiration? Well seeing your story on the OmniPod site for me was a big one. Being in medical marketing I thought: I have to work with this product! Well it eventually got me to move countries and am now working for the European distributor in Switzerland! You will not get me on a bike with tires as thick as my fingers, but boy oh boy did you inspire me to reach for my goals. And here I am! Thanks and I’ll keep my fingers X-ed for your dream: France! All the best, Robert


    As a 47 year old type 1 diabetic for 29 years I have been very inspired by team type 1. I have been a cyclist off and on my whole life. The last three years of on again have helped me get in the best shape of my life. Finding the right balance on the bike has also helped off the bike. I will be supporting your efforts and hope you and your team keep fulfilling your goals. Thanks, Kevin