An Apology

A number of you wrote in recently to express your dismay with our e-newsletter subject line referencing the blog entry “Diabetes Drug Metformin May Reduce Risk of Death.” We agree that the newsletter language was unnecessarily alarming and apologize for any distress this may have caused.


We will learn from this mistake and be more sensitive to these matters in the future.

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  • Tom Meadows

    I want to thank you for the article. I am currently talking metformin daily. I believe in telling it like it is. Doctor Oz. tells it like it is. I have paid attention to him since he has been on television. I have purchased his books and cd’s. I also subscribe to to Diabetes Self-Management magazine. Both have helped me to loose almost 50 pounds. My numbers are much better. I am a Christian and my faith and peace that God give’s me faith that I can keep trying to keep my body healthy. Thanks. Tom

  • calgarydiabetic

    I don’t see anything wrong with the title. And anyways: “all death is certain”. We can only delay it and if we can stay reasonably in the interim so much the better.

  • Patricia B. Davino

    I too, take Metformin ER. This medication has greatly improved my well-being and I have lost 54 lbs. My glucose is at a satisfactory level and at my age, I’m feeling pretty good. Still working full time at age 71.


  • Joye

    I don’t see anything alarming about the headline, but it sure got my attention, since I take Metformin. To see that the medicine I take my be helping more than I thought was very good news. If the headline had said it could cause comlications or death, now that would have been alarming.

  • still too fat

    Thank you for doing the right (and best) thing.

  • linda

    I don’t see anything wrong with the title. But it is something that almost all type IIs already know. It is like saying in headlines: “ASPERIN MAY HELP REDUCE HEADACHE PAIN”. Metformin is usually the first thing Doctors prescribe. If it doesn’t help extend your life, why take it.

  • Eleanor

    Thank you for owning up to your mistake.

  • Dee Cox

    I was taking Avandia for some time, but due to the recent news about Avandia casing heart trouble I asked my Dr. to change my medicine, but wnen I received the new prescription in the mail from her, it was for Atos, which is made by the same company, there seems to be bad affects on that one too. I would like to change to the Mediformin, are there any bad problims with that medicine. Thanks, D.Cox

  • GDC

    Reducing the risk of death? Isn’t that a good thing? What were the objections?

  • Mark

    Apparently some of the individuals leaving comments did not see the original headline. The highlighted headline in this article is NOT what was originally posted. Here is the original newsletter headline:

    Metformin and risk of death, drugs for Type 2, Avandia decision expected today, and more!

    There was NO comment about “reducing” the risk of death, just the statement “METFORMIN AND RISK OF DEATH”, which certainly got a lot of folk’s attention real fast!

  • Jan Chait

    In response to Dee Cox, who said Avandia and Actos are made by the same company — Avandia is made by GlaxoSmithKline; Actos is made by Takeda Pharmaceuticals. Two different companies.