Abbott and Sanofi Announce Partnership to Integrate Glucose Monitoring and Insulin Delivery Devices

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Abbott and Sanofi Announce Partnership to Integrate Glucose Monitoring and Insulin Delivery Devices

In the latest example of the trend toward greater collaboration among diabetes device makers in recent years, two of the biggest names in diabetes care — Abbott and Sanofi — have announced a new partnership focused on integrating glucose sensing and insulin delivery technologies.

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The two companies announced in a joint press release that they will develop tools to combine Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system with insulin dosing information on Sanofi’s future smart pens, insulin dosing apps and cloud-based software systems. The non-exclusive collaboration will allow users to enable data sharing between Abbott and Sanofi devices, allowing them to be be seamlessly integrated.

The announcement means that once new integration-cable Sanofi insulin delivery devices are released, current Freestyle Libre users may want to switch to using them. It also means that people who currently use Sanofi insulin products and like them may want to use the Freestyle Libre if they’re considering starting on a CGM system, knowing that the two ecosystems will soon be compatible.

“We see a significant opportunity to impact the health of millions of people living with diabetes by developing new tools and connectivity with Sanofi,” says Jared Watkin, senior vice president of Diabetes Care at Abbott, in the announcement. “Building a digital ecosystem around FreeStyle Libre simplifies the user experience.”

The new partnership “is representative of the next evolution of our commitment for better diabetes care by incorporating digital tools into the daily life of people living with diabetes,” adds Gustavo Pesquin, senior vice president of Global Diabetes and Cardiovascular Franchise at Sanofi. “By partnering with Abbott, we are a step closer to realizing our connected ecosystem.”

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