8 Healthy Versions of Classic Comfort Foods

With winter in full swing, many crave classic recipes that invoke a sense of nostalgia—meatloaf, chicken soup, veggie chili, fried chicken and more. This list highlights healthy versions of hearty, cold-weather recipes, each designed to satisfy your comfort food cravings. Click through the list and be inspired by these eight healthy takes on traditional comfort foods.

Classic Beef Stew[1]

1. Classic Beef Stew

Beef mixes with red-skinned potatoes, carrots, herbs and spices and a splash of heart-healthy red wine to make a thick, savory and fragrant stew. It doesn’t get much more hearty and comforting than a big bowl of stew. Get the recipe.[2]

Veggie Patch Pizza[3]

2. Veggie Patch Pizza

Looking for a delicious, homemade vegetarian pizza? You’ll love this recipe! Healthy pizza is a great way to sneak in your veggies for the day. You can swap out any of the toppings for your favorite veggies, or whatever is in your fridge. Get the recipe.[4]

Easy Macaroni And Cheese Recipe for Diabetics[5]

3. Easy Macaroni and Cheese for Diabetics

It’s easy, has only five ingredients and has plenty of protein. This macaroni and cheese is sure to be a hit with friends, family and even picky kids! Get the recipe.[6]


4. Veggie Chili

This chili recipe is quick to make, full of healthy veggies and beans and is low-calorie. It also reheats and freezes well, so make a big pot and enjoy this all winter long. Get the recipe.[8]

Authentic Meatloaf[9]

5. Authentic Meatloaf

Authentic meatloaf is a great dinner to serve up. This recipe uses half ground turkey and half ground beef to create a juicy, delicious, low-carb dish. Serve up a hearty pile of vegetables on the side and you’ve got an awesome dinner.  Get the recipe.[10]

Oven "Fried" Chicken for Diabetics[11]

6. Oven “Fried” Chicken 

This baked chicken gives the familiar flavor and crunch of fried chicken, but without the guilt and grease. It’s low-carb and high in protein, with a delightfully crunchy and lightly spicy breadcrumb coating. Get the recipe.[12]

Vegetable-Chicken Noodle Soup[13]

7. Vegetable-Chicken Noodle Soup

Perfect for staving off sickness during cold and flu season! It’s low-calorie and low-carb, and you won’t even miss the traditional noodles because these yolk-free ones are so tasty. Get the recipe.[14]


8. Penny-Wise Chicken Pot Pie

One of the ultimate comfort foods, chicken pot pie is the perfect dish to make on a cold weekend afternoon. This recipe swaps in healthy substitutes to the traditional ingredients, while still maintaining the flavors of this beloved dish. Get the recipe.[16]

Visit our recipes section for more nutritious and delicious diabetes-friendly dishes[17]!

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