10 Relatable Diabetes Memes

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Ever feel like you get asked the same questions day in and day out? Do you feel like your diabetes is costly or too time-consuming? We get it! Diabetes requires 24/7 care and sometimes it feels like no one understands what you’re dealing with.

To ease your frustrations and give you a giggle, we gathered 10 relatable diabetes memes that you’ll be desperate to send to your friends and family to help them better understand how you feel.

1.”So… since you have diabetes, can you eat that?”

 2. Every time your doctor prescribes something different:


3. Going to a party and being asked:


4. Wishing other diabetics “good luck”:


5. Staying up all night because your levels are uncontrollable:


6.  The struggle to find motivation during a high:


7. When someone tries to relate to your experience with diabetes:


9. When there is no family connection for someone to relate to so they refer to celebrities: 


9. People thinking that “What affects your blood sugar levels?” is a simple question:


10. The uncontrollable desire to take a nap when you get a low:

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