When Diabetes Hits Home

Living with diabetes is a challenge. Far from being “just a touch of sugar,” diabetes affects all aspects of your physical and emotional health. Fortunately, though, when members of a family work together to understand each other’s feelings, they can support each other through good times and bad…

Thinking About Having a Baby

Every person with diabetes has a compelling reason to take good care of his health: It’s the best way to live a long, healthy life with diabetes and to minimize the risk of diabetes-related complications. Women with diabetes who are pregnant or who are even thinking about becoming pregnant have at least two compelling reasons to take the best care possible of their general health and their diabetes…

Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2010

From friends and family to members of your health-care team to complete strangers, it may seem like everyone is giving you nutrition advice. Some of these people may know you have diabetes; others likely do not. With so many different and often conflicting recommendations, how can you know which claims have a basis in science and which are pure hokum?

Diabetes Nutrition Bars and Shakes

“Clinically shown to help manage blood glucose levels.” “Helps reduce excessive food consumption.” “Nutritional support for blood-sugar stability.” “Avoid blood sugar lows and highs.” “May help you lower A1C levels.” Wouldn’t it be great if a specially formulated snack bar or shake could do all that?

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