A Break in the Action

I started writing this series to give everyone a little bit of insight into the life of a professional cyclist on Team Type 1, including the training that goes into preparing for the races and the challenges of managing blood glucose with intense exercise and travel. I hope that you have enjoyed it so far, and I appreciate the comments and support…

The Racing Season Begins

I hope you enjoyed reading the first report on my blog. This edition is coming to you from a hotel room in sunny South Africa. The past seven days have been spent on airplanes and in motorized vehicles, with not enough time on the bike…

Challenges of the Off-season

Hello, and thanks for reading my blog. And for those of you who are newly diagnosed, welcome to the diabetes team! My name is Joe Eldridge, and over the next couple of months I’ll be writing about my journey as someone with Type 1 diabetes who also happens to be a professional cyclist with Team Type 1…

An Introduction to Joe Eldridge

Editor’s Note: Looking for the motivation to start a physical fitness routine? Then you’ll want to meet our newest blogger, Joe Eldridge. A professional cyclist with Type 1 diabetes, Joe is aiming to compete in the Tour de France (yes, the Tour de France!)…

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