Tools of the Trade 2011

Some of the biggest changes in the diabetes market in 2011 had to do with medicines – several long-awaited new drugs gained FDA approval, and important labeling changes were made to some diabetes drugs already on the market. In addition, new devices were introduced to make handling needles easier, improve blood glucose control, and provide more options to help people manage their diabetes…

New Tools 2010

Despite the economic downturn, diabetes research and development continued in 2010, although fewer new drugs and products came on the market than in recent years…

New Tools 2009

All year long, research and development teams work to top themselves, coming up with new ways to empower people to better control their diabetes. More than a few notable products came out of this year’s efforts – including some new drugs and devices, as well as improvements on existing ones. Several devices were aimed at making insulin injections easier and less painful, an array of new meters offered specific features for a variety of special needs, and a new insulin pump manufacturer joined the marketplace while another exited…

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