Type 1 Diabetes: Tips for Summer Fashion

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Type 1 Diabetes Tips for Summer Fashion

Struggling to come up with fun and fashionable summer clothes that can accommodate your insulin pump and other diabetes gear? Fear not! Check out this list of tips and suggestions.

Type 1 diabetes: Tips for summer fashion

• Wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident. Diabetes does not define who you are and it does not have to limit your summer style.

• Letting your devices show can be a conversation starter. You never know who you will meet because of it.

• Be proud of who you are, use and wear your medical devices with confidence. If people ask about them, it can be an opportunity to educate on the reality of diabetes.

• Women’s bathing suits can be challenging to find a place to put your pump. Choose a style of bathing suit bottoms with a thicker waistband and clip the pump to your waistband. Or wear your pump in a pair of swim shorts with pockets.

• One-piece swimsuits with a cutout in the pack provide a nice place to clip your pump. Or wear a tankini and clip your pump to your waistband and hide the pump under the tankini swimsuit top.

• For men’s bathing suits, choose a style with pockets or with a liner that has a built in cellphone pocket.

• Don’t let your insulin pump hold you back from wearing outfits you love. Get creative and find ways to make the outfit work with the pump. You can hide your pump in your bra, a small running belt around your waist, a pair of spandex/ biking shorts under a dress, or by using a leg garter or arm band to hold the pump.

• If you do not want your insulin pump tubing to show you can cut a little hole in the pocket of your favorite shorts. Feed the tubing through the hole into your pocket where your pump is kept.

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Keep your insulin cool on a hot day, at the beach or when traveling

Frio Insulin Cooling Case

The Frio Insulin Cooling Case is the easiest way to keep your insulin from getting too hot. No ice packs are needed. Soak the reusable cooling case in cold water for 15 minutes to activate it. Once activated, the the case keeps your medication cool for a minimum of two days. It’s great to use when taking your insulin pens or pump to the beach. The Frio Duo wallet fits two insulin pens and can be carried in your purse keeping your insulin cool on a hot summer day.
Frio Insulin Cooling Case

Pump Cases

Neoprene insulated pump cases help keep your pump cool on a hot day and protect your pump from scratches.
Pump Cases

How to wear an insulin pump with a dress/ what to wear to cover your pump


This is an insulin pump arm band for holding your pump when wearing dresses and swimsuits. It’s also great to hold your pump when exercising or sleeping. Handmade / made to order.

HyperHypo Sports Bra

Designed by someone with diabetes, this pump has a secret pocket to keep your pump from getting in the way when working out or when outfits without pockets.
HyperHypo Sports Bra


This lace leg garter is great to wear your insulin pump with a dress. It has two rows of pockets, and holds up to three pounds of stuff. It comes in 9 colors and women’s sizes 0–24.

Diabetic SPIbelt

This small, lightweight running belt can be worn under your clothing to hide your insulin pump. It has a little hole to feed your tubing through so it does not get in the way of the zippered pouch, and you can close the pouch completely.
Diabetic SPIbelt

What to wear to feel comfortable and confident

I Have the SugarsI Have the Sugars

These funny t-shirts and accessories are designed by someone with diabetes. For when you want to make a statement, start a conversation or celebrate your strength!
I Have the Sugars

Type 1 Tactical Stealth Holster

These pump cases are custom-made in the USA to keep your pump secure and protected. Never worry about your pump clip breaking or coming unclipped and falling off your waistband. I wear the stealth case for my t:Slim pump almost everyday. It keeps the pump securely clipped to my waistband even when I am doing yoga poses. There are 12 color options to choose from, which allows you to customize your pump case and feel confident showing it off. Worth the price!
Type 1 Tactical Stealth Holster

T1 International T-shirts / Sweatshirts

Your purchase supports this nonprofit’s work to ensure everyone has access to affordable insulin and supplies worldwide.
T1 International

How to spice it up and make it cute

Pump Peelz

Decorate your meter, lancing device, pump or continuous glucose monitor (CGM) with these cute, eco-friendly vinyl covers. You can even get a matching phone case!
Pump Peelz

Expression MedExpression Med

These durable tapes to keep your CGM sensor and pump sites from coming off when swimming or exercising. There are lots of designs to choose from to make your devices cute, make a statement, or just keep them from falling off.
Expression Med

Sugar Medical

Choose from cute supply cases, backpacks and purses for carrying your everyday diabetes supplies and other essentials!
Sugar Medical


Myabetic produces high-quality diabetes purses and supply cases. The Marie Mini Cross Body is an awesome small-sized bag for going out that can carry your phone, credit cards, ID, insulin pens and needles, test strips and a meter. The Cherise Diabetes Handbag is larger and better for everyday or traveling when you want to carry more with you. It has a center section that is designed specifically to keep your diabetes items organized.
Myabetic: Marie Mini Cross Body Bag
Myabetic: Cherise Diabetes Handbag

Recommendations for dresses/ skirts

Modcloth Alfresco Glow Sundress

This dress has patch pockets on the front that can hold your insulin pump. Feed the tubing through on one of the button holes on the front and then slip the pump into your pocket. I find patch pockets on skirts and dresses work well to hold my pump because the pump cannot slip out of the pocket easily.

Everlane Women’s The Patch Pocket Skirt

This skirt is simple, stylish and versatile. I personally love the summery white color and the patch pockets on the front!

Recommendations for swimsuits

Aeire High Cut Cheeky Bikini Bottom

The high waist and thicker waistband provide support to keep your pump clipped to your waist.

Athleta Skinny Strap One Piece

Anna PS Swimwear

This swimsuit is designed specifically to be worn with an insulin pump, with a bikini pants boxer that has an integrated pocket for the pump.
Anna PS

Target Women’s Ruffle Halter Tankini

The relaxed fit through the torso on this top allows you to clip your pump to the waistband of your bottoms and hide it under the swimsuit top.

Athleta Skinny Strap One Piece

Clip your pump to the waistband in the back of this suit. A one-piece is great because the shoulder straps hold the suit up and keep the weight of the pump from pulling your suit down.

Lululemon Men’s Namaste at the Beach

oneThese board shorts have a mesh fabric liner with a secret phone/insulin pump pocket!

Recommendations for shorts

Athleta Rincon Bermuda Boardshort

These shorts are perfect for swimming, hiking or casual everyday wear. They have two pockets on the front and two back zippered pockets. The lightweight fabric dries quickly, and the shorts have a 7-inch inseam. When wearing these to the pool or beach, keep your insulin pump in your pocket until you are ready to swim.

Lululemon In Movement 2.5″ Short

These shorts are perfect to wear under dresses or skirts, and they have a hidden waistband pocket on the back to stash your pump.

Madewell Emmett Short

These shorts have a cute, high-waisted style. They’re made of cotton and a little bit stretchy — the fabric is super comfortable. I also love the back pockets! Not only are they stylish, bu they’re the perfect size for holding a pump.

Senita Swift Shorts

This item features hidden compression shorts under a loose top layer, and they have a secret pocket to hide your insulin pump.

Recommendations for shoes

All Birds Women’s Tree Breezers

This footwear is fashionable, comfortable and made with environmentally friendly plant materials. If you have tired feet, do yourself a favor and get these shoes.
All Birds

Birkenstock EVA Gizeh Essentials

These shoes are lightweight, flexible, soft, and water-friendly. They’re great to take to the pool or the beach.

Dream Pairs Women’s Greek Platform Wedge Sandals

The elastic straps on these sandals are easy to slip on and off, plus they’re supportive and have a yoga mat footbed. They can be dressed up or dressed down and are available on Amazon for under $20.

Want more tips for rocking your summer style? Read “Diabetes Summer Fashion.”


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