Ten Ways to Observe National Diabetes Month

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Hands forming a heart around the blue awareness circle -- Ten Ways to Observe National Diabetes Month

8. Knock something off your diabetes to-do list.

Whether your to-do list is in your head or written down, you probably have one. The more specific the items on your list are, the easier it is to do them. If your to-do list has things like “eat better” or “exercise more” on it, find some specific steps that you could easily implement that would bring you closer to these goals. For example, plan a week of healthy lunches and write out a shopping list, then put “go grocery shopping” on your to-do list. In case you don’t have a list, here are some ideas:

• Write out a list of your current medicines and doses. Date it, make a couple of photocopies, and keep a copy with you (in a purse or wallet, for example) in case of a medical emergency or a new prescription.

• Enter your emergency contact numbers into your cell phone.

• Write out some questions for your next visit to your health-care provider.

• Schedule a specialist appointment that you’ve been putting off.

• Put together a sick-day kit. If you’re not sure what to put in it, here’s a list to get you started: Sick-Day Kit

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