Ten Ways to Observe National Diabetes Month

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Hands forming a heart around the blue awareness circle -- Ten Ways to Observe National Diabetes Month

7. Start a conversation.

Is there something you’d like to tell someone in your life about your diabetes? Would you like to inform a family member, a friend, or your doctor about the challenges of managing your diabetes or the effects it is having on your lifestyle or body? Do you need to ask for help in some area?

No matter what the specifics of your desired communication, it can be hard to know how to start conversations of a personal nature, even — sometimes especially — with the people who are close to you.

It helps to think through what you want to say before you say it. It also helps to think about how, when, and where you will start this conversation. Would a phone call be best? Or would a face-to-face meeting work better? It’s often a good idea to let the other person know ahead of time that you’d like to have a conversation on a particular topic. That way he is not taken off guard and can truly set aside other concerns to focus on you.

Be aware of your own emotions connected to what you want to say, and be prepared for the other person to have an emotional response to your information — but don’t assume that you know what those emotions will be. Try to stay calm and nondefensive. After you’ve stated as clearly as possible what you want to say, give the other person time to absorb it and respond. Listen carefully, and watch for nonverbal cues to better understand what the person is saying and feeling. Be prepared to take a break and revisit the topic at a later date: It may take a while for your message to sink in, or for the other person to sort out his thoughts and emotions.

Communication is difficult. If your efforts to communicate feel fruitless, seek help. Working with a therapist is a good way to learn to communicate more effectively, but you can learn more on your own, too. Here are some resources: (Click on “Topics A-Z,” then “Relationships & Communication” for articles on communication.) (to find a psychologist) (to find a therapist)

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