Recognizing Signs of Diabulimia in a Loved One

(Reprinted with permission from Diabulimia Helpline)


• Not wanting to eat out or not wanting to eat with the family
• Eating in secrecy — finding empty bottles, wrappers, and containers stashed or thrown away
• Noticeable change in how much a person is eating
• Eating a lot of junk food or food high in sugar
• Increased or new secrecy around their diabetes management
• Increased or new concern over their body size, shape, or weight
• Excessive exercising and/or severe anxiety/panic if they cannot exercise
• Increased moodiness/depression
• Diabetes supplies are lasting too long or finding hidden unused supplies, especially insulin
• Increase in A1C since the last appointment or steady increase in A1C over several appointments
• Discrepancy between meter log/download and A1C
• Multiple missed doctor appointments
• Forgetting to bring their meter, especially twice in a row
• Missing data on the meter or pump without a good explanation
• Multiple infections — urinary tract infection, yeast, skin
• Dry, brittle hair
• Flaky skin

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