Diabetes Summer Fashion

Summer is an exciting time of the year filled with beach days, pool parties and late nights out[1] with friends. With the change of the season comes a change in what we are wearing to accommodate hot summer days. What does this mean for someone with diabetes who uses an insulin pump? Well, it could mean a lot of uncomfortable digging, slipping down and, quite frankly, an eye sore on a cute outfit.

After using a pump for over ten years, I have definitely found what works for me when it comes to wearing my pump in the summer! Here are some tips and tricks to make your insulin pump summer-fashion-friendly, and your best accessory yet.

High-waisted clothing

My first and favorite tip is to wear anything high waisted. Luckily, a high waist on bottoms is totally in style. I personally do not wear a pump clip and my pump is hidden away somewhere in my bottoms. Having a high waist on shorts, jeans, skirts or bathing suits is perfect for this and makes me feel more secure that my pump won’t be slipping down.

High-waisted bikini bottoms are in for the summer. There are definitely times when I am at the beach or the pool and I want to wait as long as possible to take my insulin pump off before jumping in. High-waisted bottoms are perfect to keep your pump on while laying out so you can get that even tan you’ve been dreaming of all winter long.

Bathing suits

I absolutely love my high-waisted bottoms from Aerie! They are secure, fitted and perfect for summer. The high band at the top holds my insulin pump perfectly. In addition to this, we all know that with insulin pumps comes a lot of scarring, bumps and bruises from pump sites. A lot of mine are on my stomach and hips, which, for many people, are often out for the summer. These bottoms cover these marks, and they are very flattering and cute on any body type!

Aerie High Waisted Bikini Bottom[2]


Aerie High Waisted Bikini Bottom[3]
Image courtesy of American Eagle


Workout clothing

Another place that you often don’t think would cause issues for insulin pumps is workout classes. I love doing Saturday morning workout classes with friends in the summer. Whether I’m going to yoga[4], Zumba[5], spin or just hitting the gym, my pump can definitely get in the way of a good sweat. High-waisted yoga pants and shorts are the answer to this. They help keep your pump in place and make it easy for those who don’t want to miss a dose of insulin during a workout.

Here are a few of my favorite workout clothing brands.

Zella Live In High Waist Leggings[6]


Live In High Waist Leggings[7]
Image courtesy of Nordstrom

Alo Yoga High-Waist Airlift Legging[8]


High-Waist Airlift Legging[9]
Image courtesy of Alo

90 Degree By Reflex — High Waist Cotton Power Flex Capri[10]


High Waist Cotton Power Flex Capri[11]
Image courtesy of 90 Degree by Reflex


They may say that diamonds are a girls best friend, but my best friends are definitely pockets that hold my insulin pump. With summer full of jean shorts and jeans with tanks, it’s not very hard to find bottoms with pockets. So what’s the extra step for this? Finding pockets that are deep enough to hold my insulin pump. This is a factor that not many people have to think about — after all, not everyone has something attached to them that they can’t stick in a purse. Finding the perfect jeans with a great fit is an amazing feeling of success…until you discover that they have shallow pockets (or even worse — fake pockets). Here are my favorite styles with just the right pocket space for my pump!

AE Ne(x)t Level High-Waisted Jegging[12]


AE Ne(x)t Level High-Waisted Jegging[13]
Image courtesy of American Eagle

AE Ne(x)t Level Super High-Waisted Denim Short Short[14]

AE Ne(x)t Level Super High-Waisted Denim Short Short[15]

Shorts with dresses

I know what you’re thinking: If we need high-waisted bottoms and bottoms with pockets… what about my favorite summer dress that I am dying to wear? Remember those high-waisted yoga shorts that we mentioned before? Bingo. I have been wearing shorts under my dresses for as long as I can remember. I have gone through Spanx and other brief-type under garments that are uncomfortable and almost unbearable for me to wear. The conclusion is, shorts under dresses is a necessity for pump users in the summer.

These are currently some of my favorite shorts to wear under my dresses, along with some dress ideas to go with them!

Yogalicious Ultra Soft Lightweight Hi Rise Yoga Shorts[16]


Yogalicious Ultra Soft Lightweight Hi Rise Shorts[17]
Image courtesy of Yogalicious

90 Degree By Reflex — High Waist Power Flex Yoga Shorts with Side Pocket[18]


High Waist Power Flex Yoga Shorts With Side Pocket[19]
Image courtesy of 90 Degree by Reflex

Daltrey Denim Dress[20]


Daltrey Denim Dress[21]
Image courtesy of Roolee

Shirley Embroidered Dress[22]


Shirley Embroidered Dress[23]
Image courtesy of Roolee

The Huxley Dress[24]


The Huxley Dress[25]
Image courtesy of Roolee

In conclusion

Whether you’re jumping in the pool this summer or attending yoga on the beach, there are a lot of tricks to make pump wearing as easy and fashionable as possible! High-waisted bottoms, deep pockets and my favorite yoga shorts have been lifesavers for me, and they definitely make outfits diabetes-friendly. The most important thing to remember is that your pump is a part of you no matter what you wear, and the best thing that you can do is embrace it!

Want to learn more about managing your diabetes during the summer? Read “Summer Portion Control: From Beach to Barbecue,”[26] “Summer Day Trips With Diabetes”[27] and “Planning An Active Summer.”[28]

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