Diabetes Resources for Parents and Kids

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1. Jerry the Bear.
Children care for Jerry the Bear by feeding him a healthy diet, monitoring his blood sugar levels, and administering insulin. Through play, children understand the symptoms of Type 1 diabetes and develop a common language with which to talk to their caregivers about the disease. Learn more about how Jerry the Bear can help your child with Type 1 diabetes at www.jerrythebear.com.

2. Diagnoses videos.
Remember, you are not alone. See parents and children share stories about their Type 1 diabetes diagnoses at www.youtube.com/watch?v=VegIWNzN-sw.

3. Changing the name.
For information about how to help change the name from juvenile diabetes to Type 1, visit www.change.org/p/change-the-name-of-type-1-diabetes.

4. Go, Team Coco!
Lilly Diabetes has expanded its collection of resources for families of children with Type 1 diabetes with the publication of Go, Team Coco! The story is the fourth in a Disney book series featuring Coco, a charismatic and fun-loving monkey who has Type 1 diabetes.

Go, Team Coco! includes three stories in one book. Readers will learn how Coco and her family cope with her diagnosis at the hospital, see the new routines they establish at home and accompany her on her first follow-up visit to the doctor. Coco, along with other Disney characters, helps readers understand that with proper planning and management, children with diabetes and their families can still have fun.

Through these stories, Lilly Diabetes sends empowering messages of inspiration, education, and practical advice to families with children who have Type 1 diabetes — changing the focus from what they can’t do to what they can do.

The book series includes Coco and Goofy’s Goofy Day, Coco Goes Back to School, and Coco’s First Sleepover. A series of chapter books for older children also is available. All the books are available free of charge through select pediatric endocrinologists’ offices, and most also are accessible digitally at www.T1EverydayMagic.com, the collaboration’s online destination dedicated to Type 1 diabetes.

5. JDRF.
Learn more about the effects of Type 1 diabetes and the JDRF (formerly Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund) at http://jdrf.org.

Originally Published November 18, 2015

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