A Few Mindful Eating Practices to Try

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The following mindful eating practices can help your child avoid overeating:

• Help your child get in touch with hunger cues; for example, start with small servings and portions, and let him or her ask for more if he or she is still hungry.

• Based on the mindfulness eating cycle, help your child notice her direct experiences by assessing why she is eating, where she is eating, when she is eating, how much she wants to eat, what she wants to eat and in what way (mindfully).

• Teach him to savor food and eat slowly so that he is not on autopilot. Rather than mindlessly gobbling or swallowing, he is intentionally paying attention to aromas, texture, consistency, and taste.

From Freeing Your Child from Overeating: A Handbook for Helping Kids and Teens by Michelle P. Maidenberg, PhD, MPH, LCSE-R.

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