SMART in Action

Here’s an example of using the SMART method to set a goal in the “healthy coping” category of the AADE7 framework.


Problem: “I feel stressed at work.”

Possible solution/goal: “Every weekday, I will use 10 minutes of my lunch break to take a walk.”

Evaluation of goal using SMART:

Specific: When the walks will take place and for how long are specified. Where the walks will take place needs to be established.

Measurable: Goal is easily measured by noting what days walks were taken and how long they lasted.

Achievable: Do you have a lunch break every day? Do you have easy access to a safe place to walk during lunch? Will you have enough time to eat lunch if you walk for 10 minutes during your break?

Realistic: Are you confident you can take a 10-minute walk every day, or at least most days of the work week? What might get in your way?

Timing: When will you start this plan? For how long will you keep it up?

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