Cooking With Neuropathy

If you have loss of sensation in your hands, it’s wise to use extra caution in the kitchen when handling hot, sharp, or heavy objects. Here are some tips to help keep you safe:


• When cooking, use potholders or oven mitts to remove hot pot lids, hold pots steady while stirring the contents, or move hot pots and pans around the kitchen.

• Install oven rack guards, and wear oven mitts when moving items into or out of the oven.

• Use both hands to lift hot or heavy items, or carry hot dishes on a tray or cart if that makes it easier.

• Keep knives in a butcher block, or use knife covers to help prevent accidental cuts.

• Set knives aside for washing separately, and use extra caution when washing them.

• Pay attention when using your hands. Watch what you’re doing.

• Use adaptive equipment for kitchen and household tasks that cause you difficulty.

• Wear rubber gloves when washing dishes or using any cleaning products.

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