Expert Tips from the Diabetes Team

You are the center of your diabetes care and education. Become an advocate for yourself to assure that you receive the highest quality of care. The following strategies may be helpful as you work with your diabetes team to achieve optimal diabetes health.


Ask questions. Make sure you understand each and every component of your diabetes care and education.

Check to see that your diabetes care team members are qualified health-care professionals. All health-care professionals should have degrees from accredited colleges or universities and hold licenses, registrations, and/or board-certifications in their fields.

Follow your diabetes care provider’s recommendations for routine visits. Frequency will be determined based on the type of diabetes you have and the complexity of your care.

Make sure that your diabetes self-management education program (DSME) is recognized or accredited. This means that the program adheres to national standards for DSME.

Determine insurance coverage for your DSME visits. Many insurance companies, including Medicare, will only pay for DSME programs that are recognized or accredited. Prediabetes may be different, so consult with your team if you need this service.

Don’t be shy — ask about resources for mental health support to assure it is available should you need it.

Ensure you have a clear understanding of the purpose and plan should additional diabetes care team members need to be consulted.

Be familiar with your learning style. DSME is a critical part of your success in living with diabetes, so be prepared to get the most out of it.

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