Tips on Diabetes Self-Management

When is the best time to add seasonings to a recipe? Show Tip

I love making soups and stews in the fall but worry about the fat content. Is there a way to reduce it? Show Tip

I'd prefer to use fresh herbs rather than the dry herbs called for in my recipes, but I don't know how much to use. Is there a simple conversion formula? Show Tip

How can I increase my chances of getting great-tasting fruits and vegetables? Show Tip

I'd like to add more fiber to my diet. What's an easy way to do this? Show Tip

Can I replace the all-purpose flour in my recipes with whole wheat flour? Show Tip

Can I use artificial sweeteners in my baked goods? Show Tip

I'm short on time. Is it all right to use ready-to-eat meals on occasion? Show Tip

I've just been diagnosed with diabetes. Does this mean I'll have to give up all my favorite foods? Show Tip

How can I lower the amount of fat in my homemade baked goods? Show Tip

I'm short on time and use a lot of packaged mixes in cooking. Is there any way to make these more healthful? Show Tip

To add flavor to my meals, what are some alternatives to salt? Show Tip

What types of foods should I avoid to help me stay within the daily recommended sodium intake? Show Tip

What are some easy ways to lower the sodium in my diet? Show Tip

I'd like to modify several recipes to make them healthier—but I want them to taste good, too! What's a good way to start? Show Tip

How long should it take to break in a new pair of shoes? Show Tip

My feet are an unusual width. Are there certain types of shoe that might work better for me? Show Tip

What steps can I take to get a good foot measurement when buying shoes? Show Tip

What features should I look for in a custom shoe insert? Show Tip

Are there any types of shoe I should avoid? Show Tip

Are there any steps I can take to avoid getting blisters on my feet? Show Tip

I have difficulty finding off-the-shelf shoes that fit properly because of a foot deformity. Are there any other options? Show Tip

What are some rules of thumb for purchasing new shoes? Show Tip

My new shoes are a bit tight around the toes. Is this problematic? Show Tip

Does smoking have any effect on the health of my feet? Show Tip

How often should my doctor conduct a foot examination? Show Tip

I have an uncomfortable case of athlete's foot. Can I treat it with an over-the-counter cream? Show Tip

Is there anything that can help lessen the pain that neuropathy is causing in my feet? Show Tip

I like to unwind with a foot soak every evening. Is this OK for my feet? Show Tip

Can I treat an ingrown toenail myself? Show Tip

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