Tips on Diabetes Self-Management

Can I breast-feed my child if I have diabetes?

How might labor affect my blood glucose levels?

While labor leading to a vaginal delivery may lower a woman’s blood glucose level, a cesarean section can be stressful to the body and may raise the blood glucose level.

Learn more about pregnancy and diabetes here.

How much should I eat while I'm pregnant? Show Tip

How frequently should I check my blood glucose while I'm pregnant? Show Tip

My insulin requirements have changed since I became pregnant. Why might this be? Show Tip

I sometimes forget to take my medicines. What can I do? Show Tip

What should I do if I'm experiencing symptoms of low blood glucose? Show Tip

Should you adjust your insulin dose when you exercise? Show Tip

My insurance only covers a few test strips each day. How can I use them most effectively? Show Tip

How can I avoid low blood glucose (hypoglycemia)? Show Tip

I recently had a severe case of low blood glucose. What should I do? Show Tip

What nutrient has the biggest effect on blood glucose? Show Tip

How might drinking alcohol affect my blood glucose level? Show Tip

What should you do if you have hypoglycemia (low blood glucose) symptoms when you don’t have your meter? Show Tip

I have Type 2 diabetes and often experience low blood glucose. What might this mean? Show Tip

My latest blood glucose reading was out of range. Should I be concerned? Show Tip

If I'm feeling OK, does it mean I don't have low blood glucose? Show Tip

I don't understand why my blood glucose was high this morning. What can I do? Show Tip

How should I handle traveling across time zones? Show Tip

My blood glucose is often high after eating. Can this affect my HbA1c? Show Tip

What is the recommended target level for LDL cholesterol? Show Tip

I'm not feeling well. Should I continue taking my diabetes medicines? Show Tip

How often should I restock my sick-day box? Show Tip

I have diabetes. Why should I have a sick-day box and what should it contain? Show Tip

I'm considering trying a low-carbohydrate diet. Are there any steps I should take in advance? Show Tip

What causes ketones? And why are high ketone levels dangerous? Show Tip

My meter says my blood glucose level is 65 mg/dl, but I feel OK. Do I need to take any action? Show Tip

What are the most important nutrients for bone health? Show Tip

What is one of the most important steps I can take for my health if I have diabetes? Show Tip

I think I might have developed a foot ulcer. What should I do? Show Tip

What is one way to avoid getting athlete's foot? Show Tip

Start here if you're new to diabetes

New to diabetes? Find out everything you need to know.

Start with Diabetes Basics

Carbohydrate Restriction: An Option for Diabetes Management
Some people find that decreasing the amount of carbohydrate they eat can help with blood glucose control. Here’s what to know about this approach.

Insulin Patch Pumps: A New Tool for Type 2
Patch pumps are simpler to operate than traditional insulin pumps and may be a good option for some people with Type 2 diabetes who need insulin.

How Much Do You Know About Vitamins?
Learn what these micronutrients can and can’t do for you.

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