Tips on Diabetes Self-Management

I've been experiencing high blood glucose a lot lately. Is there anything I can do?

I'm feeling fine. Do I still have to keep an eye on my blood glucose levels?

Yes — just because you feel OK doesn’t necessarily mean your blood glucose is well controlled.

Learn more about managing blood glucose levels here.

What do I need to do to keep my blood glucose levels within target range? Show Tip

Who gets celiac disease? Show Tip

Are there any long-term complications of untreated celiac disease? Show Tip

I have various dietary restrictions related to my diabetes. Can I still go on a cruise? Show Tip

I always get stiff on long flights. Is there anything I can do to avoid this? Show Tip

How can I prepare so that I stay healthy for my trip? Show Tip

How can I reduce the effects of jet lag? Show Tip

I'm worried about how to handle dining out during my upcoming trip. What can I do? Show Tip

How can I dispose of my used sharps while on a train or plane? Show Tip

How can I prepare to manage my diabetes on an upcoming cruise? Show Tip

How can I protect against hypoglycemia while I am traveling? Show Tip

What should I do if I will be crossing time zones? Show Tip

How can I deal with delays and unexpected problems during my trip? Show Tip

Is it OK to pack insulin in my checked luggage? Show Tip

Where should I keep my diabetes supplies when I'm flying? Show Tip

Is it OK to reuse syringes? Show Tip

Can I reuse lancets? Show Tip

Is there any way I can save money on my insulin supplies? Show Tip

How can you make sure your diabetes will be taken into account if you are incapacitated? Show Tip

What nutrients should I eat for healthy bones? Show Tip

Noises keep me awake at night. What can I do? Show Tip

If you have insomnia at night, what should you do during the day to help? Show Tip

How can a "sleep diary" help me improve my sleep quality? Show Tip

What kind of pillow should I use to get the best night's sleep? Show Tip

What are some tips that can help me sleep? Show Tip

How can you learn more about the medicines you take? Show Tip

What kinds of calcium supplements should I avoid? Show Tip

What kind of calcium supplement should I take? Show Tip

How can I make sure the supplement I choose is of high quality? Show Tip

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