Tips on Diabetes Self-Management

What kind of pillow should I use to get the best night's sleep?

What are some tips that can help me sleep?

To help yourself sleep, reduce caffeine, limit alcohol, and stop smoking. Get in the habit of using your bed only for sleep and sex. Don’t read, eat, talk on the phone, or watch television in bed. Get up at the same time every morning, whether you’ve slept or not. Be patient, as it can take at least two weeks to learn new sleep behaviors.

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How can you learn more about the medicines you take? Show Tip

What kinds of calcium supplements should I avoid? Show Tip

What kind of calcium supplement should I take? Show Tip

How can I make sure the supplement I choose is of high quality? Show Tip

What important step should I take before starting a supplement? Show Tip

When seeing a new doctor, what should I tell him about my medicines? Show Tip

What simple steps can help you prevent drug interactions and errors? Show Tip

My prescriptions are too expensive. What can I do? Show Tip

What are some common symptoms of a urinary tract infection? Show Tip

I don't have ketones present in my urine. Does this mean I don't have to worry about hyperglycemia (high blood glucose)? Show Tip

Under what circumstances should I check my blood for ketones? Show Tip

What is diabetic ketoacidosis? Show Tip

I've noticed a reduction in my sexual desire lately. What might be the cause? Show Tip

Are there any medicines that can protect my kidneys from damage? Show Tip

I've become depressed after having a heart attack. What can I do? Show Tip

My gastroparesis is causing constipation. What can I do? Show Tip

I don't get a lot of fiber in my diet. Are chemical laxatives a good alternative for staying regular? Show Tip

How can I increase my intake of dietary fiber? Show Tip

What is the difference between soluble and insoluble fiber? Show Tip

What are some ways I can prevent constipation? Show Tip

Are there any medicines that cause constipation? Show Tip

What are some common causes of constipation? Show Tip

I haven't had a bowel movement today. Does this mean that I'm constipated? Show Tip

When should I take my basal insulin? Show Tip

I'm worried about starting on insulin. What can I do? Show Tip

Should I store my insulin pens in the refrigerator? Show Tip

Why would a person choose to use an insulin pen instead of a syringe? Show Tip

How should I handle traveling across time zones? Show Tip

What should I do with expired insulin? Show Tip

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