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The Mystery of Coffee and Diabetes

2 Mar 2011... Is coffee good or bad for diabetes? Some studies show that coffee is protective, while others say it's harmful. Some say decaf is better; others ...


Coffee vs. Tea

14 Nov 2012... A new study shows protective effects from drinking tea for diabetes, while others have hinted that coffee might be more powerful.


Decaf Coffee May Improve Memory in Type 2s

17 Feb 2012... Preliminary research conducted in mice adds another piece to the coffee and diabetes puzzle, indicating that decaffeinated coffee may help ...


Coffee Linked With Lower Stroke Risk

19 Mar 2010... Drinking one cup of coffee per day, either regular or decaffeinated, is associated with a roughly 30% reduced risk of stroke, according to a ...


Coffee, Tea, and Diabetes Risk

24 Dec 2009... Drinking more coffee — both regular and decaffeinated — and tea appears to lower the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, according to new ...


Diabetes Drugs: Metformin

14 Aug 2009... This morning I had two cups of coffee with 1/2 and 1/2 and 2 hard boiled eggs. My blood sugar reading jumped from 109 (still higher than it ...


Can Type 2 Diabetes Be Reversed?

6 Jun 2012... So I have no breakfast just coffee and cream. I eat advocados with sometimes walnuts and veggies. Meat or chicken. Have cut out all bread, ...


Say No to Joe?

12 Jun 2013... A new study suggests that a compound found in coffee may increase the risk of glucose intolerance. What's the skinny on that latte?


Can Cinnamon Help You Control Your Diabetes?

Then, try sprinkling cinnamon on cereal and toast, or in your coffee, tea, or cocoa, spread out over the day. Another option is to take cassia cinnamon in capsule ...


Preventing Diabetes: More Steps You Can Take

20 Aug 2012... Drink coffee. It may seem odd to people that drinking coffee is actually a good thing, but apparently it's true. Three compounds in coffee ...


Caffeine: Friend or Foe? (Part 2)

7 Apr 2008... How many of you are nursing a cup of coffee or tea or guzzling a can of diet cola as you read this? (I admit, I just polished off a glass of Diet ...


Weighty Matters: What's New in the Weight-Control Arena...

2 Apr 2012... No one is saying you should make your morning coffee with green (unroasted) coffee beans. But a very small study (only 16 people) showed ...


The Buzz on Energy Drinks

17 Aug 2009... Usually containing much more caffeine than soda, tea, or coffee, these drinks are marketed towards teens and young adults and are often ...


Caffeine: Friend or Foe? (Part 1)

31 Mar 2008... Coffee beans, tea leaves, and cocoa nuts are natural sources of caffeine, but caffeine is added to many other beverages and foods, including ...


A Tale of Two Sweeteners: Part 1 — Splenda

8 Jul 2013... Stevia: as above (except in baking) in drinks like lemonade, tea or coffee,etc. Posted by BimBam | Jul 10, 2013 at 3:27 pm. Thandk you Daneil ...


The Power of Potassium

We've talked about several different minerals in past blog entries. Potassium is the mineral of choice for this week's post for several reasons, and it's a mineral ...


Top Fifteen Things I've Learned About Diabetes

31 Jul 2013... Some foods are still mysteries. They seem to raise some people's blood glucose levels and lower other people's. Examples include coffee, milk, ...


Metformin and Risk For Vitamin B12 Deficiency

So, in your case, if you're feeling tired and aren't sleeping well and you can't link these to obvious things (like going to bed too late, drinking coffee at night or ...


Neuropathy Common in Young Adults

13 Dec 2013... My greatest love is chocolate, coffee with hazelnut or french vanilla cream. Life has always been high in sugar content since the age of 13.


Basically, Stuff and Nonsense

27 Aug 2013... I was having coffee with a former mayor a few years ago and asked him how it felt getting old. “I thought it'd be more fun,” he said. Anyway, I'm ...

Carbohydrate Restriction: An Option for Diabetes Management
Some people find that decreasing the amount of carbohydrate they eat can help with blood glucose control. Here’s what to know about this approach.

Insulin Patch Pumps: A New Tool for Type 2
Patch pumps are simpler to operate than traditional insulin pumps and may be a good option for some people with Type 2 diabetes who need insulin.

How Much Do You Know About Vitamins?
Learn what these micronutrients can and can’t do for you.

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