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Evidence of Cinnamon's Benefits for Diabetes

Sep 20, 2013... In the past, we've written about the possible health benefits of cinnamon for people with diabetes. Now a new meta-analysis (a review of data ...


Is Cinnamon Good for Diabetes?

Oct 10, 2006... Does cinnamon help with diabetes? Cinnamon has been shown to help lower blood glucose levels. Before taking it, make sure to discuss it ...


Cinnamon and Other Herbal Remedies

Jul 28, 2010... Any discussion of herbs for diabetes has to start with cinnamon. Cinnamon is thought to possibly act as an insulin sensitizer, like metformin ...


More Good News About Cinnamon

Aug 27, 2010... At various times on, we have covered research suggesting a possible role for cinnamon in controlling blood ...


Cinnamon—Not So Useful?

Oct 5, 2007... Can cinnamon help improve blood glucose control in people with diabetes? Some preliminary studies (including the one discussed last year in ...


Spice It Up! Boosting Your Health with Spices and Herbs (Part 1...

Oct 19, 2009... I never really gave much thought to the containers of ginger, cinnamon, or basil that are ingredients in some of my recipes. I'd often counsel ...


Good News About Cinnamon - Diabetes Self-Management

Aug 27, 2010... At various times on, we have covered research suggesting a possible role for cinnamon in controlling blood ...


Apple Cider Vinegar and Diabetes

May 25, 2011... OK, y'all. I wrote about this a year ago, but now I'm serious. If you want to control any type of diabetes better, consume vinegar before meals ...


Supplements and Medicines: Can They Get Along?

Mar 12, 2012... Cinnamon. More than just a spice that makes food tasty, cinnamon is used as an herbal supplement to treat a number of conditions, including ...


Stop Spiking Those Sugars!

Mar 21, 2012... Cinnamon also has been found to reduce glucose spiking. A study in The Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that, “Inclusion of cinnamon in the ...


Metformin Wonder Drug

Jan 25, 2012... A while back I wrote about why metformin is the number one treatment for Type 2 diabetes. Now new research finds metformin prevents cancer ...


Chromium Confusion

Nov 20, 2006... Who would have thought that a trace mineral could cause so much confusion? As a dietitian, I remember many of my patients asking me if they ...


Spice It Up! Boosting Your Health with Spices and Herbs (Part 2...

Oct 26, 2009... Wow, so many great ideas for using cinnamon have been shared on my blog post from last week. Cinnamon is definitely one of my favorite ...


CoQ10: A Supplement Whose Time May Have Come

Apr 6, 2009... CoQ10, which stands for coenzyme Q10 (also called ubiquinone) might be something that you've never heard of. Then again, if you take a ...


New Type 2 Diabetes Drug Approved

Jan 10, 2014... On January 8, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the oral Type 2 diabetes medicine Farxiga (generic name dapagliflozin), ...


Glucocil and Raspberry Ketones

Feb 21, 2012... Besides mulberry leaf extract, this supplement contains alpha lipoic acid, banaba leaf extract, chromium picolinate, cinnamon bark powder, ...


Do You Know Your Number Without Checking? You May Be Surprised

Sep 11, 2012... And, because I was in Indy, I had cinnamon gummy bears on me! ... I love cinnamon gummy bears and had been waiting for just this excuse to ...


Is Milk Bad for You? Diabetes and Milk

Jul 5, 2012... Is cow's milk good food for people, especially people with diabetes? The American Diabetes Association (ADA) and the US Department of ...


Fat Burners: Can Certain Foods Really Make You Slim?

Jul 6, 2009... Summer seems to finally be here. June in New England was literally a washout, but the sun came out for the Fourth of July holiday. While it ...


Coffee vs. Tea

Nov 14, 2012... ... to hearing about studies that show benefits from certain foods, such as the apparent blood-glucose-lowering effects of vinegar and cinnamon.