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Carbohydrate Counting (Page 1)

12 Mar 2014... ... the aim of improving overall blood glucose control. Carbohydrate counting has become increasingly popular since the American Diabetes...


Carbohydrate Counting, Glycemic Index, and Glycemic Load: Putting

27 Mar 2014... Among those that will is carbohydrate counting, and when the glycemic index of carbohydrate-containing foods is also taken into account, the ...


Counting Carbohydrates Like a Pro (Show All)

13 Mar 2014... Let's get this straight: There is no such thing as a 'pro' when it comes to carbohydrate counting. There is no master's degree or PhD in ...


Carbohydrate Factors (Show All)

13 Mar 2014... Meal-planning is one of the cornerstones of diabetes management, and carbohydrate counting is one of the basics of diabetes meal planning.


Resources (Page 1)

Allan Borushek Family Health Publications Costa Mesa, California, 2008. THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO ACCURATE CARBOHYDRATE COUNTING Gary Scheiner ...


Estimating Portion Sizes (Page 1)

Return to Counting Carbohydrates Like a Pro ... In the second installment of his two-part story on carbohydrate counting, Eric considers what... Blog. Counting ...


Nutrition & Meal Planning

Check out the articles in this section to learn about meal planning, measuring food portions, carbohydrate counting, and other nutrition-related topics.


Carbohydrate Factors at a Glance (Page 1)

Find the food's carbohydrate factor using your list, the Nutrition Facts panel of a ... one of the cornerstones of diabetes management, and carbohydrate counting.


Insulin-to-Carbohydrate Ratio (Page 1)

30 Oct 2009... This means he doesn't have to eat the exact same amount of carbohydrate for a given meal each day. Knowing how to count carbohydrate and ...


Dietary Fiber (Page 1)

11 Apr 2014... For what seems like ages, carbohydrate counting has been the standard way to calculate mealtime... Blog. When Food Becomes Weird: From ...


Tools for Meal Planning (Page 1)

Tools for Meal Planning. Return to Article. SUPPLEMENTARY CONTENT. Books ADA COMPLETE GUIDE TO CARB COUNTING Hope S. Warshaw, MMSc, RD, ...


Diabetes Definitions

A meal-planning method that involves keeping the total carbohydrate intake at ... Carbohydrate counting has become increasingly popular since the American ...


How Well Do You Know Your Diabetes Management Plan? (Show All)

17 Dec 2012... If you see your blood glucose levels rising higher than expected after meals, it may be worth reviewing the basics of carbohydrate counting.


Resources (Page 1)

Other entries in Lawson's My Life as a Pin Cushion series include “Carb Counting,” “Morning Routine,” and “What is Diabetes?” Education and Support


Rapid-Acting Insulin (Show All)

29 Jan 2014... (If you don't know how to count carbohydrates or to match your insulin dose to the amount of carbohydrate you plan to eat, speak to your ...


To Pump, or Not to Pump? (Show All)

20 Feb 2013... Bolus doses are based primarily on the amount of carbohydrate the child .... For example, if you are not presently using carbohydrate counting, ...


Dealing With Meal Plan Blahs (Show All)

30 Apr 2013... Others countcarbohydrate choices,” in which each choice contains 15 grams of carbohydrate. Some people use the Plate Method and pick a ...


Looking Beyond “Low-Carb” Labels (Show All)

14 Apr 2010... Most diabetes nutrition experts recommend counting half the grams of sugar alcohols in the portion of food you eat toward your carbohydrate ...


Take a Bite Out of Hypoglycemia (Show All)

6 Sep 2012... And if you're going to go to the trouble of matching your doses to your carbohydrate intake, be sure that your carbohydrate counts are ...


Being Supermarket Savvy (Show All)

9 Apr 2014... ... costly is likely to be loaded with fat, sodium, and carbohydrate. ... Your Foods: Exchange Lists for Diabetes), or carbohydrate counting.

Carbohydrate Restriction: An Option for Diabetes Management
Some people find that decreasing the amount of carbohydrate they eat can help with blood glucose control. Here’s what to know about this approach.

Insulin Patch Pumps: A New Tool for Type 2
Patch pumps are simpler to operate than traditional insulin pumps and may be a good option for some people with Type 2 diabetes who need insulin.

How Much Do You Know About Vitamins?
Learn what these micronutrients can and can’t do for you.

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